AI and the destiny of humanity- 5 15 18

AlphaGo defeated the world Go champions by making strategically unprecedented moves—moves that humans had not conceived and have not yet successfully learned to overcome. Are these moves beyond the capacity of the human brain? Or could humans learn them now that they have been demonstrated by a new master?….

…. Through all human history, civilizations have created ways to explain the world around them—in the Middle Ages, religion; in the Enlightenment, reason; in the 19th century, history; in the 20th century, ideology. The most difficult yet important question about the world into which we are headed is this: What will become of human consciousness if its own explanatory power is surpassed by AI, and societies are no longer able to interpret the world they inhabit in terms that are meaningful to them?….

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Demonizing and Exclusion -maybe in some hoa s – Hank

Excerpts from an article in the Daytona Beach News-Journal, 5 13 18

SAN FRANCISCO — The unwanted were turned away from cafeteria tables. Fistfights broke out at karaoke. Dances became breeding grounds for gossip and cruelty.

It became clear this place had a bullying problem on its hands. What many found surprising was that the perpetrators and victims alike were all senior citizens….


“There’s the clique system just like everywhere else,” said Betsy Gran….

…  “Bullying Among Older Adults: How to Recognize and Address an Unseen Epidemic,” said existing studies suggest about 1 in 5 seniors encounters bullying. She sees it as an outgrowth of frustrations characteristic in communal settings, as well a reflection of issues unique to getting older. Many elderly see their independence and sense of control disappear and, for some, becoming a bully can feel like regaining some of that lost power.     “It makes them feel very out of control,” Bonifas said, “and the way they sort of get on top of things and make their name in this new world is intimidating, picking on people, gossiping.”….

….  portrayal of a man who was excluded from a card game and became the subject of gossip by other seniors. “….

….  involves name-calling, rumors and exclusion,,,,

…. Women constitute the bulk of the bullies Countouris encounters among seniors, a reflection of lifespan disparities and the gender makeup of those who live at or participate in programs at senior facilities…..


After four years immersed in the wrath of older bullies, Countouris has heard all manner of stories. At a senior high-rise, a woman who saw herself as the queen of the parking garage would key the cars of those who crossed her. Elsewhere, laundry rooms became vicious places where the bullied had their detergent stolen and their clothes thrown on the floor. Bingo rooms so often devolved into battlefields — with lucky newcomers badgered and accused of cheating by veteran players — she came to call it “the devil’s game.”

“I didn’t realize it was an underground society where people could be mean to each other,” Countouris said….

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My HOA board of directors do not hold “secret” meetings.

A resident of my HOA community  in his e mail to the board of directors made reference to one of my comments which had been posted on my social media accounts. The original posting by me, Hank Springer is as follows:

——-Port Orange News@poimages

If HOAs are banned or outlawed, how will lawyers survive? — hank springer
It is now 645pm thursday 5 10 18 do you know where your HOA board of directors are? Or better yet, would you know if they had secretly gotten together today before the board of directors’ meeting? I don’t—-

Bob Rhein a director on my HOA board came to me house 5 11 18 1120am to give me a heads up not to  post on social media anything the individual writes because  the individual cannot be trusted.

Mr. Rhein told me that the board has never met in secret as a group.

I can accept Mr Rhein’s assertion because in my opinion, board issuse can be discussed on a one to one basis before a board meeting, by phone, face to face, e mail, and such discussions could be repeated among the directors so that in reality, the board  would have indulged in a pre discussion of issues before the public hoa meeting.

I cannot say with certainty or posit that board of directors do not communicate about issues before an upcoming board meeting, and as far as I understand,n o law is broken in pre discussions about board issues before a board meeting, unless the group met as a whole to have such a discussion.

I have no info that florida sushine law has been broken by my board of directors, nor do I think such a law prohibits pre discussion by board directors,, as long as they do not conduct such as a “group”

Correct me where I am wrong.

— sincerely and honestly  hank springer 1148am 5 11 18

7 vehicles stolen in ormond 5 8 10

Claire Metz
May 9 at 6:17pm
just fyi from ormond beach pd… 7, count them 7 vehicles stolen in ormond last night… and from different areas…. all w keys left in unlocked vehicles

Public Service Announcement
There has been a recent spike in vehicle thefts in the driveways of private residences and
apartment complexes throughout the City. Victims are leaving their vehicles unlocked, with
the keys inside.
The Ormond Beach Police Department urges you, your family and guests to always remove
your keys from vehicles and be sure to lock the doors.
Following a few easy crime prevention tips could prevent a crime from occurring.
• Remove all valuables from the interior of your vehicle.
• Always lock your vehicle and activate the alarm, if installed.
• Park in well-lit areas.
• Immediately report suspicious activity when you see it.
Officers are increasing their patrols, and are asking for your help to reduce these crimes of
opportunity by rolling up windows, locking your doors and REMOVING valuables to include
vehicle keys from your cars and trucks. For further information on how to prevent these and
other types of crimes, contact OBPD Community Outreach @ (386) 676-3526 or (386) 676-

coyote killing cats in Port Orange? 4 2718

 From a reader:
Hi Hank! Just wondering if you would be able to do this. We need an alert, or warning, of a coyote sighting. A business in the Eastport Business Park on Eastport Parkway near Commonwealth has a colony of cats that they and I have cared for, for years now. They began missing recently one by one. First we thought it could have been that they’d contracted the distemper virus from raccoons in the area. It wasn’t until Monday morning when one of our favorite cats didn’t show for breakfast. A woman who works at the business checked the surveillance camera video, and caught him being snuck up on, killed, and taken off into the woods across the street. There are residential areas right behind the railroad tracks across from the business who should be aware of this coyote. At least now we’re aware of why the cats have gone missing recently.
I’d really appreciate it if you are able to. If not, I will understand. Thank you so much!
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100 day waiting period to bring charges against an HOA?

….Why must a housing consumer, a member of an association-governed community, be expected to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars exhausting the association’s ADR process first? Why must there be a 100-day waiting period, essentially a delay tactic that benefits a rogue association board, giving a potential fraudster more than 3 months to alter or destroy evidence, or even pack up and leave town?…

read more at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/04/26/pa-press-conference-in-hb595-exposess-the-bills-true-intent/

I am bringing your dog poops back to you- 4 20 18

I live in an hoa where in a number of HOA board meetings the board has asked residents to not let their dog loose, and also when walking dogs on leashes, to pick up and take care of any poops their dogs drop on resident’s property or on common grounds.

Yesterday, after repeated complaints, one of our residents felt the need to call the Port Orange animal control department and make a complaint.

I am not sure what the details are, but I guess that when her neighbor lets the dog out, unattended, the dog poops on the complainant’s property.

Nobody needs this shit. Cut it out!  I carry publix plastic bags in my back pocket, and no matter where I might go with my dog, I am prepared to scoop up my dog’s poops.  I find it very easy.

Come on people. After all the talk of us having good neighbors in our community I think it is time for a few of us to fit in and pick up your dog’s poops and do not let them out of your house unattended, unless you have a fence in yard.

I have suggested to the resident who is trying to deal with this problem that she takes pictures of perhaps the dog poops, and or pictures of the dog running loose. Then perhaps if some meat head needs to be embarrassed, I and my lawyer can arrange that.

— sincerely, and honestly — hank springer – posted on http://www.portorangebolo.com at 342pm 4 20 18 friday