LARCENY   Location:4020 N US HWY 17   Business Name: PRATTS TOWING  

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 1211   Invest Asgn:
Header: LARCENY   Location:4020 N US HWY 17   Business Name: PRATTS TOWING    ZONE:22

V1- David J Pratt, W/M, 01/18/1952, 4020 N US Hwy 17, Deland, FL

Deputy Berriozabal was dispatched to 4020 N US Hwy 17, Deland, FL, in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival, Deputy Berriozabal made contact with David J Pratt (V1) who advised the following. Pratt stated on 06/22/2017, at approximately 0900 hours, he checked his bank account and discovered his employee (S1) transferred $9125.00 to her personal account. Pratt advised S1 does have access to the account to pay bills, but does not have the authority to transfer money into her personal account. Deputy Berriozabal made contact with S1 via telephone who advised she would return to S1’s towing at a later date. Deputy Berriozabal completed a SA-707 charging affidavit for S1 and provided it to District II CID to obtain a warrant.

west pkway delabd larceny 6 22 17 vcso

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 1311   Invest Asgn:   
Header: LARCENY   Location:1867 WEST PKWY,DEL   Business Name:    ZONE:25

Deputy McRae responded to 1867 West Parkway, Deland, FL, in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Deputy McRae made contact with (V1) who advised the following. V1 advised he got into domestic disturbance with his ex-girlfriend (S1) on 06/14/2017, where she was arrested for aggravated battery. V1 stated he left the residence while S1 was in custody and went to New York to visit family. While V1 was away from the residence, S1 returned with a U-Haul truck and removed all of his property from the residence. S1 is currently on pre trial release and returned to the residence on 06/15/2017, for personal items. Deputy McRae was unable to locate S1 due to no known current address. Deputy McRae completed a SA-707 charging affidavit for grand theft, violation of pre trial release and provided it to CID to obtain a warrant.

n.spring garden/cascades park – fatal mva – 6 22 17- vcso

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 2149   Invest Asgn:   
Header: EVENTS OF NOTE   Location:N. Spring Garden/Cascades Park  Business Name:    ZONE:23

Deputies responded to a MVA with two vehicles fully engulfed in flames with entrapment. Deputy Bivone and off duty Deputy Littleton safely pulled the driver from one of the vehicles on fire. Air1 responded and transported the driver to the hospital in critical condition. The driver and passenger of the second vehicle were pronounced on scene. Deland PD responded and assisted with traffic control. The scene was TOT FHP. Watch Commander notified.

Battery Simple – Sunshine Ct/Lee St.-6 22 17

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 2209   Invest Asgn:
Header: BATTERY SIMPLE   Location:Sunshine Ct/ Lee Street   Business Name:    ZONE:23

Deputies responded to the above location in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, V1 reported walking with V2 and O1 when they were approached by S1. V1 said a verbal altercation ensued when S1 swung a punch at V1. V1 said she blocked the punch and wasn’t hit. V1 said S1 then attempted to attack V2, but V2 was able to evade the attack and threw S1 to the ground. V1, V2 and S1 proceeded to fight on the ground when S2 arrived and attempted to separate them. Each sustained minor scratches and abrasions. According to S1, she was called a vulgar name by O1 and they began arguing. V1 then pushed S1 and grabbed her by the arm. O1 left the area when V1, V2 and S1 began fighting. According to V1, there is a history of verbal and physical incidents between O1 and S1. V1 was adamant about filing charges against both S1 and S2. Deputy Gordon completed the charging affidavit having V1 sign. Deputy Gordon determined no probable cause existed to enact an arrest. The charges were filed with the SAO and DCF was notified.

V1 Burnett, Heather W/F 06-29-1986 436 Fernwood Dr., Deland
V2 Burnett, Jessie W/F 07-08-2003 (JUVENILE) 436 Fernwood Dr., Deland
O1 Shiver, Ashlyn W/F 02-07-1997 (JUVENILE) 405 Lee St., Deland
S1 Brookman, Kayleeana W/F 01-08-1998 481 Lee St., Deland
S2 Brookman, Buffy W/F 02-17-1978 481 Lee St., Deland

Liens and Safe Harbor Statues

In my HOA minutes of May 2017 it is written:

Liens: $52,817.55

I guess that indicates the amount of outstanding liens not yet collected?

It appears to me that in very recent years my HOA board has acted to be more aggressive on collecting past due assessments.

If you are not familiar with the “Safe Harbor” statues see


mva taylor rd and summer trees – afternoon of 6 24 17 port orange-images

A reader sent me these images. He gives us a description of the accident.


story  white Nissan top pic ran redlight heading south on str  hit  jeep going west bound,  Jeep rolled over hit two cars in turn lane turning north onto str
gold car took brunt of jeep  rolled 100 ft west and hit tree,
4 cars involved  minor injuries  no deaths.

theft wal greens howland blv. VCSO 6 22 17

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 1523   Invest Asgn:
Header: LARCENY   Location:500 Howland Bl   Business Name: Walgreens    ZONE:46

R-1  ( Walgreens assistant manager)

Stolen property is 719.43 worth of various over the counter medications.

Case is active ( Deputy Galarza)