What a big mess on this immigration issue – hank

6 18 18 I watched CNN from 9pm to 1050pm.  I did not watch Fox TV News.

It seems like the nation on social media is voicing its opinion about this Trump policy, and I would like to also.

  1.  I am still learning more about this issue and may waiver in my position about all of this.
  2. This event is of historical ,legal and moral significance.
  3. I would like to hear more that perhaps the illegal immigration problem could have been handled civilly rather than criminally.
  4. It is gut wrenching to hear the little kids crying for their moms and daddy.
  5. It is not important, but the softness on illegal immigration was on of the reasons I left the republican party, 10 or 12 years. The democrats are no better and I have been a NPA for a decade.
  6. Both parties kicked the can down the road and did not address this issue. I heard it said that Obama tried to do something but found it too difficult.  I point out that our politicians have been doing nothing about costly health issues, a threat to the social security future and illegal immigration.
  7. I find it easy to blame both political parties that it has come to where we are.  I am inclined to think that it took a guy like Trump to wake them up.
  8. Yes, the children have become agonizing victims in all of this.
  9. 2 thirds of the nation do not approve of separating the kids from their parents.
  10. If the damn political system was not aware that people voted Trump in because they wanted change, then maybe now they will wake up. Because big donors are profitable business, I have no high hopes of a politician suddenly becoming inclined to put the needs of American citizens as a priority, even though they preach such when they are running for office or re-election.
  11. I wished the Trump administration had fore warned those people sneaking into America that the policy would be changed and would start on a certain date.
  12. Congress and the Senate should get out of their beds and convene to resolve this problem, tonight, not by the end of this week.  You bastards, you allowed this problem to exist for quite a number of years.  But in any case, guess what you suckers? You now have to resolve the problem. You should have done this years ago you greedy lazy asses.
  13. I myself do not care how much it costs, but a speedy solution has to be found tomorrow.  Call on big business to financially help provide a solution.
  14. Congress and the senate, on behalf of citizens of America, and the kids, should contact the White house tonight, and ask the administration to announce an immediate ceasing of the policy action, until a different approach to the problem is initiated.
  15. If you play the game that this was all a problem created by Trump, I hope the people will remember you when election time comes.  Trump is a catalyst while you bastards play the game from the side lines, in back rooms, and phone calls. I am not a fanatic supporter of Trump, but I do detest many of you in Congress and the Senate.
  16. Act now , to assure the American people and the president that you will seriously , finally, address this immigration problem. Do it tonight.  God forbid one of those kids dies or gets lost somewhere in the system.
  17. The kids are being traumatized. Trump should get some blame for that, but let’s not exonerate congress and the senate who should have done something about this before. He told you he was going to build a wall?  So you did nothing because you figured you could make political hay out of his strict policy, so you can warm your little asses in the house in the next election.
  18. We are all in this together. And you scumbags can’t escape the consequences and distance yourself as having nothing to do with this. Congress and Trump will pay the consequences. Did congress force Trump to take this drastic policy action, I do not know.  But both Congress and Trump better solve this horrible event before citizens pick up their pitch forks.
  19.  Did I leave anything out?
  20. — sincerely and honestly — hank springer

juvenile with open warrants threatens to shoot himself

Date: 6/17/2018 Time: 1516   Invest Asgn:   
Header: BAKER ACT   Location: 26 Palmetto Dr. OBTS

Family members report that V1 had threatened to shoot himself with a .25 cal handgun. The juvenile subject was reported to be on the back porch of his residence, but was not located by deputies upon arrival. The incident was discovered to have a 15-minute lag time in reporting and the subject fled prior to arrival of deputies. Deputies located the subject running behind the plaza at Seaview & State Road A1A. He was taken into custody w/o incident and transported to Halifax Health Medical Center for evaluation. The firearm was located and submitted to Evidence; subject advised it may be a stolen firearm. The subject has warrants for his arrest; hospital staff was notified to contact VCSO prior to him being discharged.

son did not like dinner – hit his mom in face

Date: 6/14/2018 Time: 1932   Invest Asgn:   

V1 stated she and her son, S1, got into an argument over the dinner she made him. S1 threw the plate of food on the floor and hit V1 on the face. Upon arrival of deputies S1 fled out of the bedroom window. A pass on complaint affidavit was completed on S1. Ms. Quann was notified.


law enforcement block on a license plate (tag).

hank comments: I hear on Volusia County police radio scanner that some data requests come back as “law enforcement block”.

A fellow retired new york state trooper told me some funny stories when he was working in NYC on a 3 agency narcotic task force.  Trooper, DEA, and NYCPD.  The undercover cops had taxi cabs to work with. Many times when stopped for a red light, people would run to the taxi cab and try to get in. When the uncover agent motioned for them to go away, some citizens started cursing at the fake taxi cab driver, sometimes banging on the cab and kicking it.  One uncover agent told my friend that he got tired of these demanding citizens, so he would let them in, take them where they wanted to go, and collected the taxi fare. LOL

When police run plates on an unmarked/undercover vehicle, what does it show up as in the computer system?

read at https://www.quora.com/#

hank says he might have seen a ufo in 1989

It was February 1989. around 7 pm. In selden LI I was watching tv in our living room, i laying on the couch.  Joan was out to bingo,. the window behind and above tv allowed me to see the dark sky somewhat north east to port jefferson station. I saw in the window a seemingly large object, slowly going east, and I thought it might have been over nesconset highway where a McDonalds was located. It had blue, red, white and green lights on it. I  at first thought it might be a blimp doing some kind of special advertising and then imagined that perhaps it was over port jefferson .  Then I thought that the object might be over the L.I. sound.. It seemed to  me that the object was rather low, heading east at a slow speed. I guessed that suffolk county police would be getting a lot of calls about this craft. And then I thought — suppose it is a ufo headed for the shorem nuclear plant about 10 miles east of Port Jefferson. The object went out of my view from my window. I guess I saw the object for about 15 seconds

The next morning I read in the NY Times that thousands of people from Conneticut (conneticut was about 12 miles across the LI sound from LI) up to Maine saw a ufo traveing at a fast speed, changing directions on a dime

I walked into my work place an told a co worker that I think I saw a ufo last night,  He immediately replied – oh are you one of those nuts too?  LOL

—-We had a patrolman on the state parkway police who committed suicide ,. His family told his friends on the parkway police that when the patrolman was visiting his family doctor a week before, the officer told the doctor that while he was on patrol one night on the Ocean Parkwy a ufo followed his police vehice, parallel to the police vehicle, keeping pace with the police car, while ufo appeared to be over the great south bay.  The Doctor told the family that he wished he had explored more the story the patrolman was telling him.

We went on a crusie for our 50th anniversary and had the opportunity to visit the capt. and the Capt.’s right hand man At one point I asked the captain that with all the sailings he has made, had he ever seen a ufo.  The captain looked at his first mate, with a small smile, and told us about a certain phnomen whih he has seen where in the distance , far away, under certain conditions, he has seen the allusion of a boat suspended over the ocean about 4 feet in the air.  To this day I wonder what that small smile was to the first mate, and I recall that the captain did not answer yes or no as to seeing a ufo.  Maybe I make too much out of verbal exchange

next look at what is said to be a true picture of a ufo over China: https://abcnews.go.com/International/ufo-china-closes-airport-prompts-investigation/story?id=11159531

if you have seen a ufo, tell us about it – hank

You can’t handle the truth – Volusia County? 6 17 18

Volusia County hasn’t asked more from developers for new growth in 15 years — a lack of action that drew so much criticism this year that city officials halted a push for a half-cent sales tax to boost road construction funds.

But what members of the County Council, most of the public, and even those city leaders didn’t know is this: The county received a 52-page impact fee study two years ago that recommended fees almost three times higher in some categories and a change to a county ordinance the consultants deemed overly generous to developers..

more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180616/secret-study-volusia-countys-2016-report-calls-for-higher-impact-fees

theft near chuck e cheese – port orange 6 17 18

…Police were called shortly before 1 p.m. near the Chuck E Cheese restaurant, 5539 S. Williamson Blvd., said Sgt. Thomas Aiken, an agency spokesman.

The man with the gun had been loading his products into the back of his van when someone opened his front passenger door and grabbed his cash box, according to police….

READ  more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180616/police-port-orange-merchant-fires-gun-in-air-while-chasing-thief