PO City Employee arrested for larceny of government property

The following is part of the press release from City of Port Orange:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 19, 2016 Arrest of City of Port Orange Employee Arden Gregory for Larceny PORT ORANGE, FL – The City of Port Orange was notified by on December 1, 2016 that Arden L. Gregory had been detained in connection with larceny of government property on or around November of 2016. Mr. Gregory was a part time employee with the City of Port Orange from July 27, 2016 until November 14, 2016. Mr. Gregory was officially terminated from his job on November 14, 2016 based on video surveillance footage showing Mr. Gregory leaving City Hall on a weekend with government property on his person. A subsequent investigation by the Port Orange Police Department revealed that Mr. Gregory stole video equipment three times on two separate dates which constituted three grand thefts. Mr. Gregory was hired in July, 2016 to provide the city with troubleshooting and video production in the city’s Public Affairs division. The Public Affairs division reports directly to the City Manager and is in the Executive Department of the organization. Candidates for this position were interviewed by the Public Information Officer/Grants Manager, Mr. Kent Donahue. Mr. Donahue has subsequently retired from the city and his retirement had nothing to do with this hire or this incident. Mr. Donahue recommended Mr. Gregory for hire to the City Manager based on his extensive knowledge of the city’s aging production studio. Mr. Donahue and the City Manager were both aware of the felony past of Mr. Gregory. The background checks conducted by Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. reviewed his criminal history, motor vehicle history, a social trace as well as a check of the U.S. Criminal Sex Offender Registry. The overall background checks revealed that Mr. Gregory had one misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia more than five years ago as well as other convictions earlier in his life. Based on the five-year clean slate, his extensive knowledge of our video production system, and our plan to monitor and mitigate any risk, we agreed to hire Mr. Gregory. Arden Gregory Employment records: Hourly Rate of Pay- $11.03 Hours worked-An average of 13.72 per week…

… In the case of hiring a previously convicted felon, the City Manager is compassionate and believes that individuals with promise should be given an opportunity to redeem themselves. The City Manager is quoted as saying “In this case, Mr. Gregory let the city down, let me down and most importantly, let himself down.”…


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