The Age of Hide and Seek

confidential? You can’t handle the truth? Developers need to be secret? this confidential crap is going around like a disease. — hank springer

Barker's View

“Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of regular government.”

— Jeremy Bentham

It is no secret that Florida’s government agencies have a serious spending problem.

We know it.  And they know it.  So why try to hide it?

History tells us that no good comes when unsupervised government employees – and their friends – are permitted unfettered access to the public trough.

Take, for instance, the news out of Tallahassee last week when something called “Visit Florida” – yet another tax funded marketing agency which received some $78-million in public funds last year alone – attempted to cover their tracks with a disturbing new trend.

It seems Visit Florida administrators placed a “confidentiality clause” in a contract with the artist Pit Bull – an agreement that paid the performer $1-million in our tax dollars for a series of goofy activities promoting Florida beaches and…

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