flees from officer-JB’s fish camp- 12 20 16

Date: 12/20/2016 Time: 0019   Invest Asgn:
Header: TRAFFIC   Location:859 POMPANO AVE   Business Name: JB’s Fish Camp    ZONE:54

W-1  (17 YOA juvenile)

While patrolling the south beach, deputies made contact with a dark colored SUV parked in the parking lot of JB’s Fish Camp. Deputies contacted S-1 first who left the SUV and approached them. Deputies then contacted W-1 inside the vehicle. While deputes conducted an investigation into their activities, S-1 after providing ID and being computer checked sat back in the vehicle to keep out of the cold. When deputies re approached S-1 he became agitated closed the door of the vehicle and locked it refusing deputies commands to exit the vehicle. S-1 then slid over from the passenger side of the seat into the driver’s seat, started the vehicle and fled the scene while being commanded to stop by deputies. W-1 stayed behind with deputies in the parking lot. All efforts to locate S-1 failed. A pass along affidavit, charging S-1 with Resisting w/o violence and Fleeing and eluding a police officer was placed into the pass-on affidavit box. Day shift was alerted as to its presence and will to attempt to contact S-1. See report for details. Case continued.


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