eluding police – deltona-12 29 17-451pm

Date: 12/29/2016 Time: 1651   Invest Asgn:
Header: TRAFFIC   Location:2371 Florida Avenue   Business Name:    ZONE:49

D-1 Menefee, Dekevious J
D-2 Walton, Jasmine

Deputy Riley attempted a traffic stop on a gray Buick Rendezvous near 2371 Florida Avenue, Deltona. The vehicle initially stopped and pulled to the side of the roadway. As Deputy Riley approached on foot, a black male passenger (Menefee) opened the vehicle door and fled on foot. The vehicle driven by a black female (Walton) fled from the traffic stop. Deputy Riley relayed the description of the fleeing male and the fleeing vehicle. Menefee was located a short time later walking near Otis and Elkcam.

Deputies continued searching the area for the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle was observed near W. Chapel and Providence Blvd. as it continued to speed away. Air One responded and located the vehicle. Air One announced directions and deputies were ultimately able to stop the vehicle at the intersection of Monticello Drive and Hernando. The sole occupant/driver of the vehicle Jasmine Walton was arrested.

Deputy Riley completed arrest paperwork and transported both subjects to the branch jail.

Case Status: Closed



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