robbery of aquarios supplies-south daytona

from police radio scanner 1 6 17

red 2016 4 dr chevy-917 or 971 TQX – vehicle of deceased. not at address in south daytona as of 13 am 1 6 17- bolo at 105pm

110 pm female in south daytona needs to be transported and needs to be restrained

white male, 5 feet 3 inches – green sweater – glasses – small pistol possibly a revolver – left in vehicle -male in his late 60s, smells like a smoker


on foot – robbery of aquarios supplies- south nova rd. #southdaytona – police searching woods, nova and reed canal 149pm


saint john’s river- jet ski hit (something?) and went into the woods – evac and air one responding – 1 mile south of boat ramp,lemon bluff – 121pm

wal mart shop lifting – white male 30 yrs pony tail grey long sleeve shirt – fled towards clyde morris – stole a router – 138pm, #port orange – someone reported he is in walgreens parking lot walking west bound, 140pm – blue jeans, backpack, freckles on face – report he is walking west bound on side walk approaching yorktown, 142pm. -port orange police unit approaching the subject at 144pm –

184 magnolia loop – daughter brook her car keys – this might be a mentally ill person – 145pm 1 6 17 #portorange police radio scanner –



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