suspicious incident – abandoned house –

Date: 1/30/2017 Time: 1703   Invest Asgn:
Header: SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT   Location:1372 E Hancock Drive   Business Name:    ZONE:43

Deputy Hudson responded to the area of 1372 E. Hancock Drive in reference to a report of a male taking items from within the residence. The reporting party advised a Hispanic male driving a white pickup truck took several pieces of furniture and drove away from the residence. Deputy Hudson canvassed the area and located Morales Jr. (S1) parked on the side of the road with the hood of his white truck lifted. Deputy Hudson noticed various pieces of furniture in the back of the truck. Morales initially stated he was given permission to take the items, however was unable to provide information about who gave him permission. Morales later stated he knew the house was abandoned, so he entered the residence and took the items.

Further investigation revealed the residence appeared abandoned/vacant and was unsecure. Deputy Hudson checked the residence and saw it was in disarray. Deputy Hudson attempted to locate/contact the residence owner with negative results. Morales Jr. returned the items to the residence and left the scene.

Case remains active pending contact with owner of the residence.

S1-Morales Jr., Adalberto, H/M 11/22/1990, 831 Rockhill Street, Deltona


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