Maybe they are not scumbags – hank springer

The law says defendants are assumed innocent until proven guilty. So, justice be served fairly, and perhaps these three people are not scum bags — hank springer

excerpt from the Daytona Beach News Journal article:

….  “I went outside and saw one of them lift the turtle over his head and smash it to the ground. I told them to stop doing that.”……



2 thoughts on “Maybe they are not scumbags – hank springer

  1. Scum bag is too polite a term for any adult who does what these people are accused of doing. I do think it’s right to hold off on calling them ‘scum bags” until due process has occurred and only if they are guilty of this terrible act.

    I like straight talk but I think it’s more important for people to be able to be judged by a jury of their peers who haven’t already heard authorities repeated pronounce them guilty prior to anything being proven, when speaking to the media.


  2. Ed, you make a good point. But I think the issue of having a jury who may not have been prejudiced by authorities is getting hard to find, if we also consider that such people might have been prejudiced by hearing things on our social media outlets, such as I have just commented on. It may be that the best objective people to be found for a jury might be those who are less informed. food for thought?


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