how important the Board elections are

excerpt: and then comment by Hank:  …..Be careful for whom you vote and make sure your neighbors understand just how important the Board elections are. Electing someone just because they are the only ones willing to serve without questioning their qualifications will open you up for the possibility of corruption and power struggles…  read more at

— Comment by Hank Springer –  in my HOA we have a board member , secretary/chariman of meetings , who is doing his best to put reforms into the HOA board of directors.  Financial problems are present, and only a  forensic audit might discover if the association revenues were grossly mismanaged.  Power struggles are  of course rampant.  When I make comments about HOA issues, I am often warned that  I am  listening to Hitler, Mussolini,  Lucifer or an excomunicated HOAmember.  So sad!  I wish the best for the secretary/chairman who wants to put in reforms. He has a big job ahead of him.

sincerely and honestly – hank springer , postsed 643am 219 17


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