cool 3 3 7 – Finch Birds in Port Orange Florida

cool and windy today. Finch birds usually come to my bird feeder in the morning and then before dark.  Today they were at the bird feeder all day long. Wonder if they realize they have to fill up with calories, for the cool night and maybe tomorrow. Two woodpeckers seem to follow the finch birds wherever they go. When I throw stones at peoples’ cats which like to hang around near my unit, and they make Maggie bark, I do not mean to hit the cats. When I was two years old I had a cat that use to safeguard me and hissed at the photographer who was taking my picture.  I have that picture, I sitting upright,  the cat draped over my legs, looking like a lion guarding her cub. The photo is in my closet. Some day when I can get into my cluttered closet I will pull that picture out and post it on my web site.


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