Hooligans, Port Orange,Fl. 2 25 17

Was it 29 people who attended my birthday party at Houligan’s My kids arranged it all, and from the tempo of all the talking going on, I could tell everyone was enjoying the party, even though I would not play pin the tail on the donkey.

Our waiter, John, did a phenomenal job with drinks and serving the food. I don’t think he made one mistake and was really on the ball. I had the chicken parm and it was delicious. The old fashion drinks I had were just the way I like them.

And also let me tell you, because I had checked with Cindy Rivera, administrative assistant to the Port Orange City Manager , (Cindy came to celebrate with us), it is true that one of the owners of Hooligans had donated $100,000 to the junior baseball league of the city of Port Orange.

We had our own very private room to dine, celebrate and drink, and as we were leaving at 6 pm I was amazed at how every chair and table in the place were occupied with happy people enjoying Hooligans in Port Orange.

Linda and Joe are regulars there, and they sure picked out a great place to celebrate my 80yrs of living.  Thanks everyone.

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springer

see Houligans



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