new police radio log form: 3 5 17-police radio scanner

turning the radios off and going to bed 1030pm/

williamson and taylor mva with reported injuries 954pm port orange rescue responding/vehicle vs guard rail/perhaps second separate vehicle accident -report of unconscious 12 yr old female at the intersection, 958pm/ black mecedez has the juvenile, south side of the road 959pm/evac transporting unconscious patient, but unknown if two vehicles are connected in this mva, 1001pm/female was alert with evac, 1001pm/1003 i guess there are two separate incidents at taylor and williamson. there is 1 vehicle into the guard rail, 1004pm/

bahama house – assault- parties are separated – daytona beachshores 9 pm

2617 s atlantic ave – altered mental status- medical call – 859pm-daytona beachshores

1xx devon – theft report- port orange 845pm/

burglary in progress daytona – police responding 831pm/ south beach street (location delayed by me for safety)- air one told to stand down at 839pm

1908 s the beach , lost property – beach patrol to take report – 830pm

15d41 coming on scene(imissed this) 824pm south daytona

engine 75 responding to spruce creek fly in (i do not know what for), 819 pm/ on scene 827pm

battalion 50 in area, sees no smoke, no smell – 809pm – possible brush fire, old mission and finley/ checking in back of  458 old mission investigating a possible homeless camp, 814pm/ bring water can, 816pm/ found camp fire 820pm/ fire out,engine 50 in service 825pm

engine 4 – alarm reset – 807pm daytona/ (mall?)

engine 52 brush fire oldmission/finley dr – 806pm new smyrna fire radio/

engine 53 staging in the area – scene still not secured yet – 802pm/ leo says scene now secured 804pm

juvenile turned over to her mother – 12c55 802pm port orange

hit and run mva – nova and spruce creek – 759pm port orange

assault w injury – near conrad dr. – scene not secure – new smyrna beach – 719pm/

mm111 – I4 – vehicle spun out and is on medium – 67 fire rescue – 757pm

medic 135 – patient refusing transport – 754pm/

in contact with a juvenile 748pm = 12c55 transporting  juvenile to residence laurie ave. female juvenile /arrival at 751pm/

engine 51 – where is ambulance coming from? 747pm – now on st road 44 and mission

91 yr old male who fell 2 hrs. ago being transported to halifax hospital 744pm

in the mall engine 4 fire alarm sounding – daytona 744pm

alergic relations – clubhouse dr? 743pm new smyrna?

rescue 21 to halifax – patient has coded and now enroute to ormond 742pm

battalion 1 back in service 741pm

15d11 child custody exchange 739pm south daytona

mason engine 3 near ridgewood mva with injuries – fire dept responding – daytona – 734pm – engine 3 on scene 737pm, single vehicle

2xx tropic dr – telephone handle call- port orange – 733pm

sports bikes driving (reckless?) south on ridgewood from dunlawton for officers’ safety port orange 731pm

teen agers being transported to hospital – from rollover accident – evac reports to hospital 728pm all were restrained in vehicle

engine 3 back in service 725pm daytona

3xx lemon circle – 911 disconnect – 724pm south daytona?

quest diagnostics – dunlawton – suspicious vehicle 719pm port orange

56xx pineland ave – 911 disconnect – 718 pm port orange

59xx boggsford – noise complaint – 718pm port orange

palm coast parkway, flagler – rescue is there – air 1 enroute, boulder rock and palm coast parkway – flagler tac 3 716pm

Delicious supper, provided by daughter Linda – I am so lucky – 714pm

I am turning off fire channels while I heat up supper. 650pm

engine 1 s ridgewood report of structure fire 840pm

batallion 1 enroute to roll over mva- halifax and riverview – rescue responding 644pm – engine 3 on scene – 2 vehicles one on roof – heavy damage – halifax is shut down – 645pm 3 5 17 – need second med unit 645pm – second med unit cancelled – 1 person to be transported 649pm- eventually 4 went to the hospital as of 710pm

23xx vista palm drive – cardiac – new smyrna beach medical call 637pm engine 57

south beach and orange ave – blood pressure problem medical call – 635pm- rescue 1

15d41 on scene, but I don’t know where or what for 645pm

oh, I like this way of posting, so much better- hank 632pm 3 5 17

A face book reader asked me at 417 pm why jackson at spruce creek was closed- I can only guess, but do not know why, fd closed down oak and spruce creek earlier today. this posted 629pm 3 5 17

engine 4 arriving on scene – nothing showing  – concrete structure – will investigate 615pm – confirmed false alarm 616pm

a few spotty dark clouds coming over summer trees west, port orange, 613pm

800 s the beach , beach patrol makes traffic stop, with 5 occupants in vehicle – 611pm

3501 s atlantic ave. found firearm – daytona beach shores 604pm

engine 5 – medic 133 is trying to raise you.  scene secured – looks like it will be a baker act – pd on scene 602pm

west bound on bevill rd – reckless driver – went into daytona- 15m11 – turned into parking lot of advanced auto parts – south daytona unit out with male driver and requests daytona pd to respond 601pm

I monitor LE 5, vcso police communications – portorange, daytona beach shores,south daytona,ponce inlet and beachpatrol. Ialso monitor air 1 channel,and various fire dept channels. — hank539pm 3 5 17- I am  finding this new  format section very good for my purposes.

ladder 61 tac 19 – 9xx potomac ave. leo on scene 557pm

3xx  north st – new smyrna beach? engine 5 – altered mental status – 551pm – fire department rescue

2beach33 – traffic stop – 550pm

54xx isabell- disturbance – kids banging on the door – 547pm –
8 yr old and 17 yr old throwing things at rp from the outside 548pm- portorange –

12c12 – suspicious vehicle – tire kingdom – now located on a private entrance way into private property – incident closed. – no stolen vehicle in system – 544pm

12c12- stolen boat trailer from west side boat ramp port orange-job given to 12c65 – 93 dunlawton 540pm

12c75 made phone contact everything ok – panic alarm call. 535pm port orange

no response via phone to panic alarm residence 532pm 12c75 is working this call port orange

12-75 working a panic alarm call c75 530pm – no response from person in residence – port orange

15a21 is logging off 526pm 3 5 17

518pm I am experimenting with this new type of posting in  a one day’s section. It is making my radio log easier to enter. I will probably start posting tomorrow in this section, reference to news and what stikes my fancy.  I monitor port orange police, south dayton police, daytona beachs shores police,, air 1, beachpatrol and ponce inlet – hope you like this new way of posting –  hank

7xx commonwealth reckless driver port orange

4b15 traffic stop beach white dodge challenger 454pm

telephone handle call – magnolia loop – port orange 451 pm

engine 11 – 15st daytona – injuries from assault – 450pm

1000 n the beach – beach patrol traffic stop 447pm 3 5 17


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