3 6 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner

reckless driver s atlantic s/b towards dunlawton bolo daytona beach shores 1155pm/

surf side tavern, vandalism – 1151pm – female outside with a bat striking illegally parked cars daytona beach shores or south daytona?/

1930 s ridgewood ave. noise complaint – south daytona 1143pm/

151 and south daytona unit to meet to discuss what to do about situation (I do not know what this is about) 1139pm/

palmer college, business alarm, kitchen – 1136pm (this posting is being delayed for safety reasons)/ posted 1152pm

signal 5 vehicle – daytona requests air 1 – 1130pm/ (signal 5 is homicide)/air one cancelled 1133pm

white ford f 150 s/b nova from herbert, unable to stay in a lane – bolo- port orange 1127pm/

ocean side  inn, male/female disturbance in parking lot, 1106pm, daytona beach shores/4c11 on scene will check back pool area 1109pm/4c10 out in the lobby with one of the original 42s, requests another unit, 1123pm/ 4c11, adult male under arrest 1128pm/

bright, 60 percent of the moon glowing over my patio – guess no clouds – in summer trees west, port orange, florida, 66 degrees at 1105[, 3 6 17/

11xx bayview – illegal burn – bon fire – port orange  1102pm /

disturbance – unit already on scene – daytonabeachshores – 1045pm/

ephipome manor – suspicious person 1031pm port orange/

1xx nixon ct- alzeimers patient – 1030[,. port orange/

adult male incustody for narcotics – 1026pm/

spruce creek and taylor – officer hears what sounded like a mva – 1024pm port orange/ needs fire rescue and a second unit for traffic 1026pm/3 vehicles involved, 1027pm/onepatient 1033pm /

2400 s ridgewood – suspicious person – 1014pm south daytona/

pelican bay drive, reported mva w injuries, engine 6 responding 1005pm daytona/
 12a36 needs a female officer for a search 10pm port orange. answer is none available/

12xx sparton noise – 954pm port orange/

Date: 3/4/2017 Time: 2317   Invest Asgn:   
Header: MISSING PERSON   Location:      Business Name:    ZONE:49  
Date: 3/5/2017 Time: 1757   Invest Asgn:   

R-1 called to report her boyfriend, V-1 had been acting strangely and made suicidal threats when he was denied a “threesome” with R-1 and W-1. V-1 left in a vehicle with unknown persons and despite investigative efforts, could not be located. There was a well founded fear that V-1 may cause self harm to himself, therefore, he was entered into teletype as a missing/endangered person, and a bolo was issued should law enforcement encounter V-1 to check on his well being and evaluate him for a possible Baker Act.The Watch Commander, Lieutenant Heaton, was aware of this incident.


Header: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SIMP   Location:         Business Name:    ZONE:45  

V-1 and S-1 are sisters and live together as family. On this date, S-1 reportedly went into V-1’s bedroom and shoved her by pushing her in the chest. They were separated by their father, who then left, and S-1 again went into V-1’s room and began to strike V-1 with her fists. V-1 had minor injuries including a black eye, but did not need medical treatment. S-1 could not be located despite efforts, and a pass along affidavit was left for day-shift.


Date: 3/4/2017 Time: 2122   Invest Asgn:   
Header: ASSAULT AGG   Location:Graves Ave/Foothill Farms Rd   Business Name:    ZONE:64  

V1- Frederick, Bryan 07/30/1973, 482 Woods Edge Rd
Suspect: unknown Hispanic male with unknown female passenger
Suspect Vehicle: unknown make or model silver passenger car

Deputies responded to the area where the victim noticed a silver in color passenger car backed off the road way behind the mail boxes. V1 stopped his vehicle and told the suspect to leave or he would call law enforcement. The suspect produced a weapon and shot over V1’s truck. V1 drove away and as he was leaving he heard a second shot. The suspect and the vehicle were gone prior to deputies arriving.


7xx sea breeze blvd. breathing problem, medical, rescue responding 747pm/

Spring Breakers busted trying to boost booze from Joe’s

DAYTONA BEACH — Joe’s Crab Shack’s catchphrase is, “You gotta go eat at Joe’s,” not steal from Joe’s. But police say that’s what four Spring Breakers from out of state were caught trying to do Monday morning after staying in the restaurant after hours. Daytona Beach police responded to a burglary alarm at 1200 Main St. just before 2:20 a.m. and found Zachary Coblentz, 20, trying to pass a gray trash can over the locked fence to Nathan Mines, 23, according to a police report. The can fell and tipped over smashing liquor bottles — which still had pour tops — in the process…
DAYTONA BEACH — Joe’s Crab Shack’s catchphrase is, “You gotta go eat at Joe’s,” not steal from Joe’s. But police say that’s what four Spring Breakers from out of state were caught trying to do Monday morning after staying in the restaurant after hours. Daytona Beach police responded to a burglary alarm at 1200 Main St. just before 2:20 a.m. and found Zachary Coblentz, 20, trying to pass a gray trash can over the locked fence to Nathan Mines, 23, according to a police report. The can fell and tipped over smashing liquor bottles — which still had pour tops — in the process…

Brannon, Coffin emerge as DeLand police chief candidates


2xx n brightons, suspicious vehicle, 731pm port orange/

4xx sparton ave – disturbance – 948pm port orange/

5xx locust st. warrant attempt 726pm south daytona?/

parking lot of Dennys, dunlawton ave. port orange, mva – 718pm/

10th street near rr – holy hill – fire rescue responding – medical 712pm/

water rescue on the beach, beach patrol, 626pm/ 2b24 on scene, “we are code 4”, 627pm

7/11 207 dunlawton,, fight, female, 623pm port orange/

winterhaven park, ponce inlet – unconscious in vehicle, 620pm/police on scene, female is conscious but “in and out”, fd rescue should respond, 621pm/

2 motorcycles accident – wearing no helmets – either port orange or south daytona, I do not yet know where? 616PM/ 4 C10 ON SCENE, i guess it is in daytona beach shores, 616pm/

825 w isb, mva involving votran, fire rescue responding, daytona, 553pm/

28xx osprey cove – (could be brush fire near house under construction?) tender 23, 541pm/engine 53 arriving on scene, several structures in danger, moving quickly thru woods, moderate fuel. 543pm/battalion 50 locates a hydrant, 543pm/ water on fire at 544pm/engine 50 arriving on scene 547pm/tender 53 responding with one 549pm/second line grabbed of of 53, 550pm/ info page being sent out. fire confined to an area, 550pm/ personnel on two hose lines being replaced for a “break”, 556pm/

800 block of chickadee, several neighbors in a disturbance, 537pm, port orange/

palmetto palm apartments. fire alarm sounding. fire dept is responding 534pm south daytona (heard this on police radio. so this is what dispatcher had said onfire channel, which I totally could not understand. but fd has computers so I guess radio dispatcher can slur and mumble her words — hank)

near w isb, power line hazard daytona, fd enroute. (could not understand the other street near isb) 532pm/

neear orchard lane ormond beach, report of mva with reported injuries ob fd en route, 531pm/

report of a theft from atlantic h.s. port orange 459pm/

12b25 going to address on wood street – port orange, 457pm/

50xx palmetto st. barking dog complaint port orange 456pm/

shoplifting – dollar general 2016 s ridgewood, customer reports that suspects are stealing food. southdaytona police unit responding – 441pm/15b41 coming on scene, 442pm/business agent did not see the 2 suspects take anything, but only heard about such from a customer. 2 suspects are gone from the area now. 450pm/

skipper dr. check on a registered sex offender, 414pm port orange

near orange ave and south peninsula drive structure fire 406pm (or at least a report of such. I do not know what fd found)

12xx tomassina dr. holding call for port orange unit when she is cleared of previous assignment 402pm 3 6 17

5090 isabelle ave. check on a registered sex offender, port orange, 401 pm/

LE 3 units cleared emergency radio traffic at 353pm. i wonder what that was all about? 354pm

do you want to hear about some of the spectacular police radio transmissions I have heard since 1952? let me know- poimages@outlook.com  I do not always get to check the comments made on this web site. 352pm

I wish the fire radio scanner dispatch would repeat the radio transmissions for a fire call, twice. sometimes the fire calls are dispatching while a police radio channel is in my ears. — hank 351pm

2 ham and swiss on small hawaiin rolls, with mayonase , my lunch spread out, one at 1pm and the second at 348pm.  delicious with dunken donuts coffee which was given to me as a birthday gift last week.

blue older model pick up truck, almost hit another vehicle, in and out of traffic,s/b onridgewood from nova port orange, 345pm bolo/ (sounds like party city in these parts. what do most people drink? alcoholic beverages I mean. poimages@outlook.com)

police motor unit issues two citations in school zone he is assigned to. I am not sure where. 342pm/port orange

how is this format for my radio log entries working out?  let me know.  poimages@outlook.com  for my purposes, I like it. hank 341pm

sun is popping in and out around the white clouds. to the east over the ocean, no clouds. and that’s the story right now in summer trees west, port orange, florida, on the same latitude line as Morocco. 340pm. yes it has stopped raining on my patio.

6xx orange ave. open door to residence, port orange police investigating, 329pm/landlord doing work inside residence, 330pm/

a shooting in deland, air 1 responding, 248pm/

2xx commonwealth blvd  – male says he does not feel safe – grandmother in background on phone call – port orange, 237pm,/grandmother reports that 18 yr old grandson has a history of mental illness, 238pm/

evergreen/lamplight – suspicious person 235pm

riverfront memorial park – boat taking on water – half way across the river – request for beach patrol with boat – beach patrol is responding – south daytona, 226pm/capsize boat seen by south daytona police unit – one in water with life vest – another (not inwater, or not wearing life vest?) – 12 ft boat. 229pm/ vcso with boat is responding/230pm/ someone with a small boat is going out to try to assist the capsized boat with 2 occupants, 236pm/ beach patrol now in water to help the capsized boat withoccupants, 240pm/beach patrol in water does not see capsized boat, 245pm/fd unit reports that capsized vessel was a jet ski got uprighted and headed south bound towards dunlawton bridge,  and theremay be a boat accompanied the jet ski, 247pm/south daytona officer “does not have his radio”, 252pm/

white 4 door ford passenger car – reckless driving, s/b nova from beville 150pm

3849 nova rd -report and location  delayed by me for safety reasons – hold up alarm – 140pm/emergency radio traffic only/business surrounded by police, trying to see inside/ 142pm police in contact with business agent/now doing a walk through business 143pm/ everything ok, clear emergency radio traffic 143pm, port orange

some rain, on and off, 125pm in summer trees west, port orange, florida, 125pm

5xx peleican dr. – seizures – daytona fire dept rescue – 108pm

101 big tree rd – citizen assist – south daytona fire dept. 105pm

west bayshore dr. illegal burn – fd enroute – 102pm port orange

2200 s palmetto ave. suspicious persons – 1251pm south daytona/ couple of males in the parking lot, rp thought they were acting suspiciously 1252pm/

we just had a few rain drops to wet my patio and where the plumber is working. rain seems to have stopped, but summer trees west port orange sky is cloudy 1231pm

wal mart trespasser- on going issue with this female – port orange – 1227pm/ this has been going on for the past year, 1228pm/

oh boy, he had to hot torch the old faucet to get it off. for sure I would not have been able to do this plumbing job.  LOL, or any other plumbing problems I have had in my houses. 1223am/ faucet replaced and finished at 1243pm

time out. total comfort is here to fix my leaky faucet out on my patio. the faucet comes out of a dividing wall between my unit and the one next to me. He has to break the wall to fix the pipe, and then I will need to get the wall repaired by a masoner. The leak is not only wasteful, but will start to cost me a higher water bill. 1214am

red carpet inn – ridgewood south daytona – trespasser in a room – 1206pm

2015 s atlantic – large spring break group using the hotel’s pool – daytona beach shores – 1204pm

12st / walker st/ holly hill – structure fire – 1143am

cloudy and breezy – summer trees west – port orange, florida 1134am – 71 degrees –



Hooligans area – report that father is chasing his 7 yr old son who left sweetwaters school. maybe chasing son towards wal mart – 1130pm port orange/ 1137 am report that administration has the child and they should be back in the school by now.

I never have seen so many people on my block in summer trees west, raking up leaves on common grounds, as I am seeing this year.– hank 1043am

peninsual public works working on smoke in sewer? pipe system? daytona beach shores. all morning. 834am

Beach-side residents cry foul to fowl feeding
DAYTONA BEACH SHORES – He found his beach hobby 15 years ago when a little bird with a missing leg hopped over.”Stubby,”…
Read more >> at daytona beach news journal 3 6 17

12b25 boyt? st – civil complaint – but is swapping out vehicles right now – 830am port orange

3800 s the beach beach patrol unit out with a male and a dog – 821am

1xx millbrook vandalism port orange 813am

port orange police unit en route to halifax hospital daytona with 1 female baker act from leslie 812am

madelie and clyde 2 vehicle accident port orange 806am

9xx hamlin – alarm – garage door – 806am

xx s palmetto telephone handle call regarding yeterday ‘s instance 805am

12b55 one in custody baker act 8am 3 6 17 port orange

3xx brandy hill dr. medical call rescue en route 755am

port orange police vehicle disabled. may need a battery jump or towed towed to city yards 754am


yorktown blvd and burbon st – car fire, flames out but still “cooking”, fire dept. responding – motor unit out at scene – 745am, port orange

4xx leslie circle – every morning, neighbors outside arguing and screaming, again now at 743am port orange

15k11 out of service south daytona elementary for the day – 731am


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