3 7 17 Port Orange Police Radio Scanner Log Entries www.portorangebolo.com

  town west fire station, Port Orange,  engine 74:   courtesy https://www.port-orange.org/

11 pm – good night.

12a36- walmart3811 clydemorris – male lying on bench, unresponive rp thinks “he is on something”/

  • 56xx pineland, 911 disconnect  port orange police 1044pm/
disturbance – 54xx christency ave. loud verbal – 1027pm port orange police/ male vs female, domestic. male says female has hit him, 1028pm/
9xx vanessa ct – medical call – port orange engine 73 1026pm/
 engine 74 dispatched to a seizure medical call. I did not catch the streets. (maybe in the county area) 1010pm, port orange fire
1005pm – I am back monitoring. Disgusting what happened in the college up in Vermont. So much for free speech. Are those people really college students?
822pm – ears off – watching TV – hank
 escort requested, child custody exchange, at location delusional male reported – thinks police are conspiring against him – port orange police – 816pm
624 s atlantic , braddock ave. power line harazard – fire rescue, 808pm, squirt 2, daytona beach
4c11 hawaiin inn- male broke glass window at entrance to hotel, 805pm – male has injuries – rescue responding, police responding/ 4c11 on scene, bleeding a large amount from hand and wrist and is “complaint”, code 3 for rescue 807pm/ medic 171 just given emergency response transmission, 817pm (perhaps daytona beach shores rescue has been on scene in the mean time- hank)
votran 950 big tree mva reported no injuries 749pm south daytona police
ocean walk – elevator malfunction – 724pm
reckless driver chick filet – 719pm
ocean side inn – suicidal subject – wants to jump from a floor  – daytona beach shores police responding – 710pm – security reports subject is depressed.
nova/ spruce creek well being check/ dunlawton and city center mva hit and run; 708pm, port orange police
beals. port orange, female in custody, 707pm
 engine 55 – 1806 ridgewood ave. mva accident with pedestrian 704pm fire rescue responding. / edgewater, female walked out into traffic, s/b turn lane, fire rescue on scene, doing chest compression, 706pm/ trauma code 714pm/
702pm – quiet on the scanners. If I told you I am living the life of Riley, would you know what I mean? — hank
 650pm. Now I think I am really back. My dog pleaded with me to let her take me for a walk, so I let her have her way.
 618pm. I am back. Was busy for a while catching up on world news. What a crazy world.  Where is George Carlin when we need him the most? George was born in 1937, the same year I was born, but I did not go to Cardinal Hayes H.S.,  as  George did, and I was never an altar boy as George had been.  I miss George. I also miss Christopher Hitchens. But back to reality and the real world.   Now  I turn my  radio scanners on  and share  with you.  — hank
Kids, don’t listen to these old retired people, says Hank.  They think they know it all, and let’s face it, it is all about them, not you. We elders think that we can tell you what mistakes to avoid because we made them, and oh yes, eat the right foods and exercise and you will grow old with the wise choices some of them think they made.  B.S. — some people don’t reach old age, and for you young kids, the way my older generation has messed things up, you may not be able to retire.   Pray, wish upon a star, but above all, be lucky. LOL, but if you still want to, take a look at the video: (and consider this: you cannot skip the ad before the video. But you have grown up with all these nuisances.)  https://www.nytimes.com/video/your-money/100000004929047/millennials-ask-whats-it-like-to-retire.html?em_pos=large&emc=edit_fs_20170307&nl=times-video&nlid=31482837&ref=cta&te=1


convergence or concurrency?  I chuckle at how easy we connect facts and data to produce the story that we would like best. But you may find value in this article:  — hank    https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/the-most-important-idea-about-the-universe/?WT.mc_id=SA_DD_20170307
 this was too much for me,but you might like to read it. wife has terminal  cancer and she knows what a great husband she has. so nice and great of her. I have tears in my eyes. Read, only if you can bounce back and be positive about life. — hank 3 7 17    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/03/style/modern-love-you-may-want-to-marry-my-husband.html?mi_u=31482837
49xx spruce creek rd – 14 yr old daughter missing – port orajnge  430pm
 xx carey, kerry? dr. south daytona police investigation- 356pm
55 has male under arrest – narcotics – 355pm port orange
s12b55 requests the sergeant to come to him. 350pm, port orange police
black mitsubishi suv – driven by  female, unrestrained child infront seat – registered in edgewater. nova from ridgewood, 348pm bolo port orange
subway, west granad – engine 93 citizen assist 347pm
mail truck is here.  hope she has my vacuum part which has been ordered. 342pm
 12b75 -animal call – unit is enroute 338pm
113 e granada, mva, engine responding non emergency as requested by  leo, 337pm,
6xx elizabeth place. alarm – 325pm, south daytona
I am back. took a nap.  what did I miss?  322pm.  air two is climbing to 1000 feet and I think it is going to “hatfield” and now going west, testing with rt.  I guess trying out the video transmission from helicopter to Central? Or perhaps, working with a drone which was recently donated to the VCSO. (radio repair technician working. air 2 now at 1100 feet)
i am listening to alexa – bing crosby – wow, how many songs he had sung which I never heard – great voice –  hank 203. an apple for a teacher –
solicitor wa wa 1031 dunlawton –  2 pm – port orange – white van selling electronics, was giving a warning – now another call, not sure if same –
 1xx alhoa terrace – port orange unit requested to contact female  regarding a prior hit and run, 156pm
55 requests a second unit – port orange, police, 148pm
1xx king rd port orange, engine 73, citizen assist – 146pm
motor unit going to sugar elementary for school zone assignment 145pm port orange – just came out of court and going back to port orange ,
 16xx caldwell rd – vehicle stolen last night – report now at 120pm-south daytona
Date: 3/6/2017 Time: 1641   Invest Asgn:   
Header: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SIMP   Location:       Business Name:    ZONE:48

The victim and defendant were arguing over money. The victim and defendant are mother and son, and still live together as a family as well, the defendant is 33 years old. The defendant threw a handful of U.S. coin currency at his mother’s leg, causing a small laceration and welt. The defendant was arrested and tot VCBJ with no bond. The child witnessed the incident and a copy of the case was sent to DCF for review.


71 degrees,cloudy, in west summer trees port orange, fl. at 111pm.

Simple or Aggravated Battery (UCR class)
Incident #: 170300036(SDPD)
S NOVA RD/GARY BLVD.  |  3/5/2017 @ 1:00 PM
South Daytona Police

George Soros gave $246M to partners of Women’s March http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/7/george-soros-gave-246-million-partners-womens-marc/ (hank comments: the new world order is mad?)

magnolia and ridgewood – heavy damage, rear end – one patient laying on the ground, 1224pm daytona, mva

s martin luther blvd – mva with entrapement – daytona – 1221 pm – mlk and eldorardo – 2 vehicle – truck on its side after having been hit – 120 fd on scene – 1222pm – in one of the vehicles, everybody got out and ran according to fd 120, 1224pm

2801 s ridgewood – 81 yr old female fell – 1220pm – south daytona

Date: 3/4/2017 Time: 2122   Invest Asgn:   
Header: ASSAULT AGG   Location:Graves Ave/Foothill Farms Rd   Business Name:    ZONE:64  

V1- Frederick, Bryan 07/30/1973, 482 Woods Edge Rd
Suspect: unknown Hispanic male with unknown female passenger
Suspect Vehicle: unknown make or model silver passenger car

Deputies responded to the area where the victim noticed a silver in color passenger car backed off the road way behind the mail boxes. V1 stopped his vehicle and told the suspect to leave or he would call law enforcement. The suspect produced a weapon and shot over V1’s truck. V1 drove away and as he was leaving he heard a second shot. The suspect and the vehicle were gone prior to deputies arriving.


2300 north the beach, beach unit out with a group – alcohol – 1211pm

sable point – 91 yr old male – medical call – 1210pm-rescue responding

2 b 20?30? – out with a group – alcohol violation – 1209pm on the beach

Vehicle Break-In / Theft
Incident #: 170004471(DBPD)
300 BLOCK GEORGETOWNE BLVD  |  3/6/2017 @ 1:33 PM
Daytona Beach Policecrimemapping.com

64xx renaissance dr – fraud – port orange – 1137am

800 s the beach – beach patrol out with alcohol violation – 1130am

cp unit radio clicked on again- sgt. will handle… port orange police….1126am

clyde morris/victoria gardens port orange – pd on scene mva – female complaining of pain…… fd rescue resonding…..1123am/ intersection blocked by police 1132am/

cloudy over summer trees west, port orange, fl. 1123am

engine 53 out of service for training station 50 ….. 1119am

955 village trail port orange….fd responding to a fire alarm….(don’t panic, probably a false alarm)….. 1117 am/ engine 73 on scene, nothing showing, 1121am / fd clearing scene 1128am/

port orange city hall….. Due to maintenance, phones systems will be offline March 8 starting at 7:30 p.m.

Due to planned maintenance, phone systems will be offline on Wednesday, March 8, starting at 7:30 p.m.

This maintenance should take approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete and will NOT affect 911 emergency systems.



2800 s nova – ….. stolen vehicle report………five hours ago………south daytona…..1006am

port orange police unit requested to stand by at halifax hospital port orange ….. stand by for patient who is being transported to that hospital……. 942am

200 s the beach -…… beach patrol out with a small group…..940am

2xx sands pebble circle ….. unconscious female ….932am….. port orange

lab core —- daytona—— unconscious —- medical call ——906am

7xx marino dr  ….. male walking round neighbor’s yard …. neighbor not home….903am…. port orange ….. white male…. dark clothing….. near pool area of the house…904am……

engine 4 ….. dialysis center ……blood pressure …..medical call…..daytona…..857am…..

air one on special detail….training….854am

Bailey V. Good, 29, Port Orange, retail thef; Micahel J. McCabe, 47, Port Orange, sexual battery by a person less than 12 years of age, lewd/lascivious/molestation by a person 18 years of age or older with victim under 12 years of age (3); Kathleen Mercado, 35, Port Orange, possession of a controlled substance (2);  James D. Pelmore, 21, Port Orange, petty theft from merchant, possession of a controlled substance;  Thomas William Jones, 67, Port Orange, leaving the scene of a crash involving damage to property more than $50, leaving the scene of an accident with injury, aggravated battery;  Gloria Jean Shaheed, 59, Lehigh Acres, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, kidnap/adult random/reward/shield hostage;   see more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20170306/news-of-record-for-tuesday-march-7-2017

we had 4,116 views of web site http://www.portorangepolicebolo.com so far  in 2017, as of 749am 3 17 17 – see Port Orange Area police radios scanner log entries.


Police: Daytona woman kidnapped 93-year-old mother
DAYTONA BEACH – A woman barged into the home of her sister and at knifepoint, kidnapped their 93-year-old mother, police…
Read more >>at daytona beach news-journal 3 7 17

4 Spring Breakers accused of trying to steal liquor from Daytona Joe’s Crab Shack

DAYTONA BEACH – Joe’s Crab Shack’s catchphrase is, “You gotta go eat at Joe’s,” not steal from Joe’s.
Read more >> at daytona beach news-journal 3 7 17

(once you eat with us you’ll eat again) radio ad for sweetwaters int he 1990s


Bullet enters Daytona church during Sunday services
DAYTONA BEACH – Parishioners at a church were alarmed during their service on Sunday when they heard gunshots ring out a…
Read more >>  3 7 17  at datyona beach news-journal


Repairs at Granada Bridge will cost $1.75M, last 9 months
ORMOND BEACH – The Granada Bridge is getting reinforced during the next nine months, the Florida Department of Transport…
Read more >> AT Dayton BeachNewsJournal

Brannon, Coffin emerge as DeLand police chief candidates

DELAND – The selection committee for the city’s next police chief will on Tuesday discuss 15 semifinalists for the job, …
Read more >> AT daytona beach news-journal  3 7 17

good morning. hope you slept as well as I did. waffles and  a sausage for breakfast and my own home made brew of Dunken Donuts coffee. Lifs is good,  can’t get much better. Sitting in my living recliner, my computer in front of me, and a view of my bird feeder, and cul de sac street. Second cup of coffee by my side, 7 morning pills to take, and morning eye drops, and zoom, I am off for the day. I see I am going to have to print up the list of fire engins and where they are assigned so that I can locate my fire or rescue calls. Seems like old days, (the 50s) having…..you (radios) around me,seems like old days……(Vaughn Monroe).

if you want to stay fixed on this web page throughout the day, every so often click on the refresh icon to see what new came onto this page.  For speed sake,I am no tagging or categorizing my subjects, but if you use the search box, I think you can find the posts where your target is mentioned. ….let  me try summer trees….  reference to 10pages came up in the search for summer trees.

If you have any suggestions for this new section let me know at poimages@outlook.com

clear, sunny day in summer trees west,  PortOrange, Floridaat 728am, 3 7 17

55 degrees, going up to 76 degrees today, Tuesday, 3 7 17


60xx sabal creek blvd -female emotionally disturbed and wants to be taken to halifax hospital,portorange,114am/

large semi and RV mva mm262 I95 – fire dept responding – 108am/ on e/b ramp 261 109am/reports of debris all over the road 110am/I went to take alook at the traffic cams  in theI95 area which miight have delayed traffic due tot he accident and i clicked on the 8 cams in that area, and none of them are working.  I wonder why? 140am   http://www.trafficland.com/city/DAB

royal palm way patient unconscious – engine 21 responding – 107am/patient contact at 112 am/

check on pope ave at residence about a missing person. 1249am south daytona 1249am/
attempt to contact person on pope ave. 111am, south datona/

4c10 out with 4, a fight, requests another unit, daytona beach shores, 1246am, s atlantic ave./

1026 old big tree,  roll over reported with entrapement – fd on scene reports leaning at a 45 degree angle –  daytona 1235am/still need engine 73 to respond 1241am/ vehicle at a 45 degree angle, all 4 tires on the ground. have to figure how to get vehicle out of the ditch. patient refused medical – engine 73 can be released 1am/fd command terminated 102am/

air 1 switch to LE 4 about missing person call 1215am/orange city 1216pm/white female 39 yrs old/still have to check the house 1218am/this case switching to tac 6, 1220am/ air one back at aviation 1242am/

good morning. 12 am 3 7 17. I do not know how long I will be awake  with my ears on.


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