3 9 19 Police Radio Scanner : Port Orange, Air One, and more


please computer, stop fighting me. keep the text color the same….please?

spooky action at a distance – https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cosmic-test-bolsters-einsteins-ldquo-spooky-action-at-a-distance-rdquo/

bristol cone lane – solicitor- 450pm -port orange 450pm

big tree near nova – report of person riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk – south daytona – 446pm

 information on person wanted on a warrant – port orange – (run away all you scoundrels-hank) 445pm

dunlawton and nova. mva. no injuries reported, no road blockage reported. 441pm

 41xx mayfair lane. suspicious person. 434pm port orange

trespasser mc donalds 3816 nova – suspicious person 355pm

52xx ridgewood ave – ex girlfriend threw his items out and changed the locks – 333pm

grey nissan altimer- vehicle stopped at light, ridgewood/dunlawton- 2 in vehicle seemed to be sleeping. woke up and went s/b on ridgewood ave. – suspicious – 332pm 4 door vehicle

#DeLand police investigate shooting that left man dead in street near Parsons and Walt avenues

DAYTONA BEACH — In 1988 when Debbie Smith’s boss at EVAC asked her to become an ambulance dispatcher, she winced, thinking that she had just been handed the worst job on the planet. read more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20170308/veteran-volusia-dispatch-supervisor-longtime-paramedic-retires-after-35-years-of-service

Person shot in DeLand 145pm, 3 9 17,  http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20170309/person-shot-in-deland

This link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B8HQ7SK) will take you to the SurveyMonkey 2017 Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Community Survey. We hear from you all the time in the comments, in our inbox, out in your neighborhood and at our community events, but we want more. Good, bad, indifferent… doesn’t matter. Let us know how we’re doing. This isn’t just a click-button survey — there’s an empty text box sitting there waiting for you to tell us what we can do better. Leave your name and number, or don’t. Just tell us what you think.

1400 block of s palmettoe- south daytona police unit hears two gun shots. now going to investigate. 236pm

I am not complaining. Port Orange is a nice place to live. But you must be aware that if you drive any place on dunlawton ave., between I95 and nova rd., at around 1130 am, you need to be alert.  Allowing vehicles to make left hand turns and cross 3 lanes of traffic, in order to get to the business parking lots needs to be rethought.  And  , if you drive into the Altarmari business parking lot, Bjs and all the other businesses, between yorktown and taylor branch road, keep your eyes alert 360 degrees.  Some drivers go through the many business sections at a good clip as if they were still driving on dunlawton ave. Many talking on their telephones like we use to talk on cb radios in the 1960s. — hank

3 9 17, I stopped  in the chicken salad place, dunlawton ave. port orange. good, but expensive I think. Ok, I guess if you are out running around,  and need to eat. But even I can make chicken salad at home.

I saw today, that in addition to the waffle house on taylor road near williamson, there is a waffle house on Nova, between dunlawton  and herbert st., on the west side of nova.

3943 nova. vehicle vs. structure port orange. 219pm 3 9 17/ dental office/

first turn motel, ridgewood, disturbance, argument, rp may be intoxicated, 921am port orange

3554 forest branch – female says male is harassing her – 919am – port orange-verbal disturbance/

time for my second cup of coffee: Arabica Coffee: 837am, 3 9 17.

From Claire Metz, 3 8 17, 1022pm:  “official release from vcso: AT&T wireless users are unable to connect to emergency 911 call centers due to a service outage affecting customers in Florida, Texas and Georgia. Callers are either getting a busy signal or no answer at all, as the outage has impacted AT&T Mobility’s ability to deliver wireless 911 calls. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, which operates the countywide communications center in Volusia County, was notified of the outage in an e-mail from AT&T Mobility at 9:26 p.m. “AT&T teams are engaged and are working to resolve the issue,” the e-mail states. ”

AT&T Mobility is working to identify the source of the problem, and no time frame has been given for correcting the problem. Until further notice, AT&T Mobility customers in Volusia County who need to report an emergency should call the following number: (386) 252-4911.

3 8 17 at 1013 pm, Claire Metz advises: massive AT&T wireless outage means customers can’t call 911 in areas of florida, texas and georgia.. in volusia county, wireless customers should call 386-252-4911 if they have to report an emergency.

Claire Metz advises at 1 am, 3 9 17, ” most of you already know this, but just in case, per vcso: AT&T Mobility has advised that the service outage affecting wireless customers has been resolved and 911 calls are now being connected.”

Good morning. It is certainly time for me to get my humble tax returns ready for the IRS. Let me turn and speak to the CIA through my TV set and ask them to tell the IRS that if all goes well, my tax report for 2016 will start to be assembled for them, today.   We have more communication  tools available to us than sometimes we can imagine. I suspect even Alexa  is always monitoring conversations in my dining room area. Isn’t  this a great time  to be  living and retired? By the way if you have not yet seen the movie,”Her” , I recommend that movie for all who are interested where computers might take us. –hank

report that son had stated that  he was going to commit suicide by jumping off the williamson overpass to  I-95. He left the apartments on foot about 10 minutes ago.tall, 26yr.oldmale. 745am/ vcso and port orange units going out with a male , walking, and reports that this male is the subject of the bolo notification. 748am, 3 9 17 – this male subject is secured, 756am/

clyd morris blvd. s/b ford utility,toddler in back set not strapped in. 740am

2b22 smashed window , vandalism, toll booth, on  beach approach of university 737am. 3 19 17


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