3 10 17: Port Orange Police Radio Scanner Log: S. Daytona and more.


Entries today for March 10,  2017 follow:

Meet the 18 profitable companies that paid no taxes over 8 years cbsn.ws/2nexxr0

GOP congressman claims Obama stayed in D.C. to run a “shadow government” huff.to/2mt5AMp

maroon impala, suspect in it wanted for strong arm robbery sun splash park, daytona. bolo 605pm

1xx moonstone – subjects screaming in the street – port porange police – 553pm /

Again, 911 disconnect from city center. 550pm

I just got back from Culvers with my daughter, turned on the scanner. I don’t know what place or school this might be but port orange police is responding to a complaint that someone showed up for her 4 yr. old daughter, and rp does not who this person was (is?). I am not sure if the the unknown person took the 4 yr. old away. If I hear more, I will post here. 549pm

@TomFitton: It’s time for Trump to drain the swamp at the IRS. thehill.com/blogs/pundits-… via @JudicialWatch @TheHillOpinion

1650 dunlawton- male shoplifter -left in grey older model passenger car with female driver – 308pm walgreens – port orange police -(theft of toys?_)

1025 eagle trail – well being check – engine 73 port orange firedept. 304pm/ another port orange fire engine dispatched to assist at this address 320pm/

3930 nova rd. civil complaint – 3 pm, port orange

Update: Multi-vehicle crash in Volusia on I-4 east at MM 131 and traffic backed up until US-92, left lane…fl511.com/EventDetails/D… – 251pm (I think this crash involved a motorycle– hank)

ritters  port orange – female sleeping on  a bench – 255pm

900 n the beach,larg group, illegal parking beach patrol 253pm

1xx spring dr. port orange, attempt to contact registered owner for new smyrna police. 249pm

(what is this) beach patrol reports a person ingested a “halo game canister”. Did I hear incorrectly?  what is this –  hank.  244pm

silver hondo passenger car, unable to stay in one lane, high speed, reckless – bolo, reed canal rd. south daytona  232pm

bban t , clyde morris blvd., attempted quick claim title scam- verbal with bank agent, and left – suspicious – daytona bank bbt, bolo daytona police 228pm

46xx spruce creek road. assist DCF agency – port orange police – 225pm

willow run and robin – traffic enforcement port orange unit working – 223pm

wide open saloon – ridgewood – noise complaint 221pm port orange police

“This was a personal matter, it’s a business matter,” Spicer says on Michael Flynn’s foreign agent work cbsn.ws/2k2WwLh

My oh My.  great female radio dispatcher working right now on radio dispatching at LE 5.  205pm.  3 10 17 I never heard her before.  Great prononciation, tempo, even cadence, moderate tone, moderate speed, clear, treating every disptach as normal routine, and does not ad to the contagious radio propensity for “the sky is falling”  kind of radio transmissions.  She is a keeper.  — hank

water rescue –  n/the beach  – 1 lifeguard in thewater – beachpatrol responding 138pm

19xx s  palmetto ave. serious emotionally disturbed person – 136pm – south daytona police

9 Investigates dramatic increase in crashes through I-4 Ultimate corridor

9 Investigates dramatic increase in crashes through I-4 Ultimate corridor

Thousands of motorcyclists set to roll into Daytona Beach for Bike Week

The March 16, 2017 Volusia County Council meeting agenda is available at: http://www.vcservices.vcgov.org/agenda/agendas/20170316/agenda.htm.

In a tale almost too ironic to be true, a defense attorney in Florida had his pants catch on fire as he was presenting his closing argument in an arson trial! Moments after he began addressing the jurors, lawyer Stephen Gutierrez suddenly noticed smoke billowing out of his pocket and ran out of the courtroom in fright. He would later claim that his e-cigarette had spontaneously burst into flames and what just happened to be an incredible coincidental moment. Learn more. — coast to coast AM 3  10 17

It was known that on this date in 1982, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn would all be on the same side of the Sun, within a 95 degree wide interval. In 1974, authors John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann published the bestseller The Jupiter Effect , which wrongly predicted that this planetary alignment would cause a number of catastrophes including a huge earthquake on the San Andreas fault on March 10, 1982. —- coast to coast  AM 3 10 19

….Using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, he said, it’s been shown that people’s decisions are made six seconds ahead of the conscious mind, which calls into question the notion of free will. More here.  at coast to coast AM

Stolen Vehicle (UCR class)
Incident #: 170002139(POPD)
900 BLOCK VILLAGE TRAIL  |  3/8/2017 @ 7:52 AM
Port Orange Police

CarBreak (UCR)
Incident #: 170002159(POPD)
COQUINA SHORES LANE  |  3/8/2017 @ 6:06 PM
Port Orange Police

south daytona police radio unit following evac which has a male baker acted, to the hospital 1252pm

Caffeine increases enzyme that fights dementia, study finds dlvr.it/NbMkcQ

BaHa  Marimba Band playing now on my Alexa.  Mexican Hat Dance. 1045am. Life is good.

47xx  dixie dr. animal bite 1041 am ponce inlet police

6xx tucker st. rp reports someone just broke into the house and attacked the rp. bolo on all VC radio channels, 1032am 3 10 17

IRS documents may detail Obama tea party targeting uncoveredhttp://www.washingtontimes.com

light house point parking lot, reckless driver, 1022am 3 10 17, ponce inlet police

daytona beach shores police unit involved in pedestrian accidnet. requests rescue, code 1020 am, 3 1`0 17/ unit 402 reports that fhp just arrived on scene 1043am


One thought on “3 10 17: Port Orange Police Radio Scanner Log: S. Daytona and more.

  1. Hank – inhaling the HALO canister means he was huffing! It’s getting high by inhaling toxic fumes. Thank you so much for running this page I check it everyday!


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