March 12,2017 – did you set your clock ahead one hour?
On this web page: Haphazard and sporadic Police Radio Scanner Log Entries  of Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Beach Patrol, Air one, Fire radio scanner channels, News of Port Orange and the World,  and unwanted comments, observations from an 80 yr.old guy.  Deal with it!  LOL ———————————————————


2615 s atlantic ave. fire rescue at a medical call along with daytona beach shores police 422pm – over dose/

23xx ridgewood ave port orange power line aching – fire dept en route 404pm

49xx ridgewood ave. fraud. suspect on scene – port orange police – 335pm/ friend of his who stole his wallet and bank card. / suspect knows police are enroute/suspect reported to be extremely intoxicated 339pm

I just looked outside. rain has stopped. summer trees west port orange, fl. many clouds yet above. 331pm

249 pm. transformer blew- taylor and williamson? no electricity out in my home, but internet access out.
312pm fpl on scene, port orange police radio/ had some trouble with my 3 computers, but now at 3 18pm I think I am all connected — hank

oh yes! nice rainy afternoon for some New Orleans blues on Alexa. 237pm. think I will make myself a “rare” hot cup of tea. Going to settle down reading “Impossible Beyond This Point”, true adventure – creating a self-sufficient life in the wilderness. by Virgil Hornet et al.

2011 s. atlantic ave. gmc van – red – illegalparking, 232pm , dayton beach shores police unit on scene.

229 pm, raining in  summer trees west, port orange, fl.

35xx clyde morris – mentally ill person left – request by vc for port orange police (to assist? or handle?) 101pm – Jehova Witness 3501 -rescue responding, 105pm

Date: 3/9/2017 Time:   Invest Asgn:   
Header: ARRESTS   Location:District 3N Bravo Shift

17-6658: David Williams (W/M, 12-04-1960), 4084 Daphne Ln. Tucson, AZ; Warrant (jail): Conspiracy to Traffic in Cannabis in excess of twenty-five pounds or more; Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering 20,000 or more; Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communications Device to Facilitate the Commission of a Felony. Bond: $525,000 (Deputy Cort)

Four in-custody warrants served at the jail.


alstrum dr. bi polar female left residence – is known to be violent with LEO, 1246pm port orange/Katrina, born in 91. police unit has her. being evaluated for a baker act., 1250pm/probably will be a baker act port orange police unit advises, 1258pm/

“….  Russia’s surveillance-obsessed intelligence community,…. –  New York Times, I am so impressed with your observations and opinions. Please keep it up, so we can understand where some thinking intellectuals are going. sincerely and honestly — hank

my son recommended that I cook my bacon in the microwave. it works good. put paper towel underneath and on top of the bacon.–hank

bought food for the first time on Friday from Carvels.  I like their malt. it is thick like a milk shake, but has malt in it, and tastes good after I add some milk to it –  hank

white chevy truck – e/b on madeline from williamson – reckless driver. 1148am port orange/ might have turned down longrove. may be silver not white, 1150am

silver beach approach – water rescue right now – 1144am – beach patrol

greenbriar and spruce creek – report of reckless drivers – 1129 am – port orange

1055 am: had to reprogram my c crane wi fi internet radio device.  If you like music, news, talk radio, it is a good gadget to have some where in you house, porch or patio. I went to you tube and there is a video to show you how to connect to your wi fi internet connection. Thank God the instructions were  on U tube or I would never been able to reconnect.  Working well now.  I have  preset, WNDB Daytona, 1010Winsfor all news 24 yrs.and WMAL, Baltimore, all news and talk  24hrs.  I also have 99  other preset radio stations, and when I am really bored, I can search all the world’s radio stations.  Radio is not dead yet. –  11am 3 12 17

The live audio stream on the internet, Port Orange Police Dispatche LE 5, on Broadcastify had to be rebooted. It is now working. You can also listen live to other Volusia County Public  Safety radio , including Ormond Beach  at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379  march 12 2017 at 1046 am.

here, hear, we go, already:  6x bayshore, parking complaint – port orange, 950 am, 3 12 17



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