3 13 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log


March 13, 2017 , Todays police radio scanner log entries. Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Air One, Beach Patrol. You can also listen to the live audio feeds of Volusia County Public Safety radio at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379  —————

n dixie and what? sounded like Ponce? – mva with motorcycle involved with reported injuries – new smyrna fire rescue radio scanner. 151pm – ponce st. rider bleeding from head and is conscious.

cinqa? sinka?  and enterprise = 143pm, fight with injuries, new smyrna rescue responding, fire radio scanner

pierson, tac 19, motorcycle crash. air one is interested, may be going? 1210pm, fire radio scanner (air was advised to be aware, may be needed. 1211PM)/

52 degrees, cloudy, right now at 1144am, 3 14 17, summer trees west, port orange, florida.

daytona has a possible burglary in progress. air one is going to try to fly to daytona, but weather may prevent the flight. 827pm, police radio scanner

1xx dover ct., suspicious vehicle, 817pm, port orange police radio scanner

11xx n tracy dr. rp hears banging in a vacant house like glass breaking. port orange police radio scanner 816pm

sunoco, 2000 s ridgewood – south daytona police radio scanner,assault and battery. rescue is responding – 809pm

station 14, atlantic ave. cardiac and blood pressure patient. ambulance is responding, 803pm

1xx scots more, ormond, rescue assist police, scene is secured 759pm, fire radio scanner

brentwood and nova, just past burger king – ambulance comes upon a pedestrian accident – 755pm- medic 134, fire rescue engine 5 / responding, daytona/ may also be a pediatric involved, 135 is responding also/engine 4 is dispatched at 8 pm

it is so still and overcast over summer trees west, port orange,florida. are we sure the blizzard is not coming here?  731pm

very overcast over summer trees west, port orange, florida at 708pm. I heard a plane? maybe going into spruce creek fly in?

domestic disturbance about friend molesting her/his 9 yr. old daughter. port orange police radio scanner 704pm/  husband is still out side, has all the car keys and closed bank account./ now back inside the residence, 706pm

west isb and off ramp from I95 – report of motorcycle accident with injuries, daytona beach – fire rescue radio scanner, 644pm


Bellevue and south nova rd. report of auto accident with injuries. daytona rescue en route – police radio scanner, 403pm

I agree with Marc Bernier, radio show host, 3 13 17, the News-Journal headlines that motorcycle deaths are at a record breaking low is kind of optimistic , considering we have almost a week to go yet.  So, I might wonder, what is behind such headlines.? news-Journal, she be good to business interests? — hank 342pm

in the pavilion, williamson blvd. male stole cologne, ran behind firestone – port orange police radio scanner, 340pm

third ave. new smyrna beach, auto accident with pedestrian involved, 1149am fire rescue radio scanner

stolen vehicle from port orange located in Georgia. police radio scanner 1138am

item stolen out of his vehicle while he was at LA fitness, last night. report now at 11 am, port orange police radio scanner

740 dunlawton, florida health care – cardiac problem  – port orange fire rescue responding – 1047am

south clyde morris and big tree- n/b lanes blocked – 3 vehicles mva – one roll over – one patient clutching his chest – fd on scene 1037am, , daytona?, south daytona? additional engine needed, and another med unit needed, 1039am/

33xx south atlantic. car break overnight – 1026am, daytona beach shores police radio scanner

grand prix hotel, injured pigeon in the parking lot, police radio scasnner, 1021am, daytona beach shores/ same injured bird came back at 147pm, daytona beach shores police radio scanner

4 ocean west shores – fire alarm – daytona beach shores fire dept radio scanner 1013am

port orange police station, fire alarm going off. police unit says to cancel fire dept responding.  yesterday,  a business alarm went off at Port orange police department. Last week, or was it the week before, city hall had a number of 911 disconnected calls to VC sheriff communication. Maybe UMBRAGE hackers? lol – hank , 939am

cloudy, very overcast. back from publix and with my mcDonalds egg, sausage  and cheese mc muffin. I am off for the day (except I have to bring my publix goods  into the house.  Everything in due time.  I am retired and have all day and night. Was listening for a while at the red light, taylor and summer trees rd to Chitwood complain about Volusia County Dineen.  something about Dineen has built him self a political empire.  Yes Chit (chitty,  chitty,bang,bang?) that is what politicians do.  Watch out or Dineen will change the charter to being able to appont a Sheriff rather than be elected.  Does it ever change?  Over  and over again,  generation after generation, the same old crap, politicians vs the military, politicians vs police. Alas, when  and if they work together within a concealed brotherhood, we are in  great trouble. Que se ra, se ra, or something like that.-  (shut  up hank and drink you McCaffe coffee.)  923am

12xx tomasina – animal complaint – 916am, 3 13 17 police radio scanner port orange

2 finch birds are at my bird feeder  (6 portals) but just standing there,  not eating.perhaps they do not want to dine until the others come?  751am.  first come, first steated?  cloudy right now./

summer trees and williamson. crash. no injuries or road blockage reported, 747am port orange police radio scanner

I did not catch the location. 83  yr old patient, cpr, not breathing, 733am – port orange police/no code, no vitals, 755am, police unit reports.

1xx orchard  land port orange  noise complaint – 708 am

yorktown and taylor rd – entrance to bjs – vehicle crashed into bamboo and is wedged in the bamboo – 645 m 3 13 17

w indian blvd. and I 95 – pedestrian auto accident with reported injuries – 636am 3 13 17 fire radio scanner/ right at the  exit of 442/two patients on back boards, may need another ambulance, 649am/


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