3 15 17: Today’s police radio scanner log entries. Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Air One, Beach Patrol. You can also listen to the live audio feeds of Volusia County Public Safety radio at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379  ———-

—–grey nissan sentr driving high rate  of speed almost ran over the  rp.  last seen on herbert st. 2019 pm port orange  police radio sanner

—2613 s atlantic emerald shores hotel – boy friend, girl friend,some slapped  the other,bothhave been drinking 956pm daytona beach shores police radio scanner- police unit on scene says female higly intoxicated and doing damage to the hotel room. other units are respodning. 958pm

—-39xx s atlantic – vcso requests daytona shores police to assist at a domestic disturbance  in which female says male hit her. 951pm – police radio scanner- suspect 20 yrs old last seen  on foot, wearing a hoodie and  shorts, 952pm

–wood st and sydney st – dangerous condition – road – electrical outlet sparking – port orange fire dept is responding – port orange police and fire radio scanner, 942pm

mm 271 I95 fire rescue clearing up the wreck. should be open to traffic in 10 or 15  mintes – now at 937pm

1625 taylor – walgreens – disorientated 86 yr old female port orange police radio scanne – 845pm

mm 273 I 95 mva involving a semi – fire rescue radio scanner, 841pm – box truck and 3 other vehicles is the report-

south daytona police radio scanner – rp says brother threatened to kill her. police are responding 745pm

palm street, batallion 50, chemical gas odor (new  smyrna?) 742pm fire radio scanner

atlantic hs trespasser at gate – 742pm port orange police radio scanner

702 pm – busy day. now back to monitoring – hank

748 am – I have a lot of chores to do today. Will be out shopping for a while. But as much as I can I will be listening and posting.  Perhaps there will be delayed posting today after I jot down on pen and pad what I might be hearing in my hectic day. What I consider hectic you might probably consider daily routine living.  LOL, but I am retired. I was born before penicilin was produced.  — hank springer


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