3 17 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

 image from city web site

——3 17 17: Today’s police radio scanner log entries. Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Air One, Beach Patrol. You can also listen to the live audio feeds of Volusia County Public Safety radio at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379  ———-

Date: 3/16/2017 Time: 0944   Invest Asgn:   
Header: EVENTS OF NOTE   Location:1816 Pierce St., Del

D2 CST Deputies assisted Seminole County Fugitive Recovery Unit in apprehending Denare Smith B/M 07/18/83 at the above location. Smith is an absconded sex offender, with open warrants for failure to register as a sex offender, and has been on the run for just over one year. Smith was taken into custody outside of the residence without incident. Seminole County Investigators took custody of Smith for further investigation.

O1-Denare Smith B/M 07/18/83. 1816 Pierce St., Del.



2 beach 30 has adult male in custody, alcohol violation, 222pm, beach patrol radio scanner.

9xx sandlewood – report that someone jiggled the door handle and tried to open up the door. 220pm port orange police radio scanner/ police unit out with a male 951 sandlewood , requests another unit to go to the scene (of complaint?), 231pm

2xx florida shores blvd, daytona beach shores police radio scanner, 215 = injured bird, beach patrol will handle this call.

…? pub, s ridgewood, south daytona police radio scanner. 212pm – guy trying to start a fight . white male in his 30’s.

air one searching for a muzzled grey hound dog which ran off of the track. 206pm , police radio scanner

8xx whispering woods  ct. – 2 juveniles, 12 yr. old, possible car break to two vehicles – “messing round with vehicle” – ran down the street – 1253pm port orange police radio scanner/ rp reports that on phesant ridge, juvenile did make entry into the trunk of a white car, 1255pm,  – father of suspect son makes this report, 1255pm/

nova and tree garden, report of a roll over – 1237pm, port orange police radio scanner. report of grey vehicle roll over into a tree. report that occupants are not getting out of the vehicle. report from police on scene, two entrapped in vehicle., 1240pm/ fpl pole/ patient is on stretcher and ready to be transported, 109pm/

940 village trail, verbal disturbance, male and female – port orange police radio scanner, 1233pm / at 1249 pm another call for a disturbance at 940 village trail.

3061 s atlantic, more than one car break, happened overnight, report at 1120am daytona beach shores police radio scanner

injured dog, williamson,near the parvilion, 1109am port orange police radio scanner

hyat place hotel, daytona beach shores, car break overnight. report at 1103am, police radio scanner

fire alarm (probably false?) at port orange police station, police radio scanner, 1101am

tropical seas hotel – car break overnight- daytona beach shores police radio scanner. report at 1045am

silver sands motel, daytona beach shores police radio scanner, cardiac. 621am

38 degrees in Port Orange at 619am, 3 17 17. High today expected to be 67 degrees.

chicago ave. assisted living facility. well being check. south daytona police radio scanner, 458am

255 palm castle dr. hazardous road condition- 423am, port orange fire department radio scanner

615 seagraves blvd. pizza business – male unconscious – daytona beach fire rescue radio scanner, 417 am 3 17 17/fire rescue finds that subject had been sleeping, has gotten up and walked away, 420am

calestoga circle – injuries from a fall, port orange fire rescue radio scanner, 412am, 3 17 17. 67xx caletoga circle – 69 yr old male

344am, 3 17 17 , male running down barefoot trail followed by girlfriend. reported under the influence of narcotics. barefoot trail. police on scene investigating. port orange police radio scanner/ known male needs to be evaluated for a baker act, 401am


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