3 18 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log




—-——3 18 17: Saturday, police radio scanner log entries. Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Ponce Inlet, Air One, Beach Patrol. You can  listen to the live audio feeds of Volusia County Public Safety radio at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379   ———-

Loews, home depot, bob evans, suspicious people in the parking lot. two vehicles involved. port orange police investigating. 625pm police radio scanner/ one male arrested (maybe outstanding warrant?) 640pm

tomaka farms rd – vc dist 5 – gave victim a ride – armed with pocket knife – newer model black 4 door vehicle –  sex assault. bolo 546pm

US 1, benton?st, south of I95, at least one trauma alert. air one going right after it gasses up. 503pm/I  95 and US 1., air one en route. now two trauma alerts. 508pm, police radio scanner/ air one canceled at 508pm. patients going by ground ambulance/

mm 269, north of rt 40, motorycle down, , 459pm

alert one – police helicopter from another county,Seminole?) has located a subject which it was searching for. sounds like the subject is hidden from helicopter by trees, but according to cell phone? connection, the helicopter is directly over subject, but helicopter does not see the subject.  subject walked into this location, wherever it is. If I hear more I will report it here. 442pm , 3 18 17. Perhaps subject is injured?/ vc air one reports it is on the ground at flagler airport., 444pm/there is a lot of water down where the subject is./personnel on foot are headed towards the location that alert one helicopter notated  by longitude and latitude, 451pm/personnel on foot are estimated to be 1/4 mile away from subject’s location./cr. 415 near seminole county/ searchers on ground need to go through heavy brush and a lot of water., 456pm/ alert one is attempting to direct ground personnel the best route to take in heavy brush towards the subject(victim?patient?) 501pm/ alert one is going to 415, to pick up personnel to take said personnel to a spot nearer to the patient? where personnel has an easier ground approach to the patient? (evac was mentioned, but I did not catch the reference. guess this is an injured patient out in the boon docks. 513pm/ alert one went back to seminole to pick up a seminole paramedic and take him/her to a spot where alert one can land, in an attempt to get a paramedic to subject who is in rough terrain to reach. 520pm/ ground personnel want to move while there is still daylight. 524pm/alert one is bringing a seminole medic into the area and a second helicopter will be responding to scene to assist . 532pm/alert one can’t even see the ground rescue which is over by the barb wire fence. 533pm/news media air units expected to arrive on scene in few minutes. 537pm/seminole medic now on ground making his way to patient?541pm/alert 2 calls target “victim” 541pm/victim is dehydrated but says he is ok. 553pm/alert one has patient and medic, and has designated a landing zone. 556pm/. 415 and renose?(something like that). 556pm/ rios and 415 may be where alert 1 will land with patient in about 15 or 20 minutes.  something about “getting him out of his gear”. 6pm/ambulance is waiting for alert 1 to bring patient to them. 606pm/north of rios, west of 415, in the open field is where alert one is thinking of landing with patient. 613pm/ 622 pm, I hear nothing more –hank)/

new smyrna beach sports center – trauma – fire rescue radio scanner, 327pm

mason and nova – mva with injuries – daytona beach fire rescue radio scanner – 322pm

1xx midway blvd. daytona beach fire radio scanner – injuries from an assault. 321pm

flager county requests vc air one for a medivac – police radio scanner, 313pm/SR 100 and sable brook/

port orange city skate park – city center – engine 73 responding (medical call?) 301pm fire radio scanner

4xx s woodwood, deland, shooting, suspect may be in the back yard, air one responding. police radio scanner 205pm, 3 18 17 (police activity may be taking place. for everyone’s safety do not go near this scene — hank, 212pm)  Air One is back in service, 215pm, 3 18 17

white  ford, suspect may be driving,  tried to buy alcohol 520 s atlantic off rockerfeller – ormond beach, used false ID –
and complaint at the harvey approach to the beach about a plane “with profanity” on it.  beach patrol radio scanner, 156pm /800 n the beach daytona, out with suspect vehicle. ormond beach pd being notified to see if they want to come to the location where the suspect vehicle with 5 occupants has been stopped. 202pm/

delayed entry for safety sake. silent holdup alarm in a business on dunlawton ave. port orange police units responded. everything ok at the business. 152pm police radio scanner – accidental activation.

engine 16, old dixie highway and some lane, motorcycle accident with injury reported, 149 pm, fire rescue radio scanner

1xx loquat – disturbance, now verbal, male and female, port orange police radio scanner, 1230pm

7x woodview, disturbance, male and female, someone had a baseball bat, port orange police radio scanner, 1201pm

bean?, dean? st and taylor road, port orange, engine 12, smoke investigation. fire rescue radio scanner, 1156am/ engine 12 reports that it is a camp fire with a group of people around it. engine12 had seen it before,but will check it out now at 1157am

s/b nova. aggressive pan handler “tried to run over the complainant?” (I don’t under stand this call.) southdaytona? police radio scanner. 1155am

palm castle. complaint about barking dogs. port orange police radio scanner. 1153am.

mm 259 I95 northbound report of a roll over mva. 11am, fire rescue radioscanner/ fire units report heavy traffic on ISB and I95. 1104am/fire unit reports another accident I/95, just south of beville rd over pass, 1109am/

vilagio on the lake, mom and 20 yr old son, some kind of disturbance, port orange police radio scanner 1044am/ same people in incident (s) of yesterday/
isb approach to the beach, small fire, beach unit investigating, beach patrol police radio scanner, 1044am

anchor dr. ponce inlet fire rescue radio scanner, medical call for a fall. 1039am -elderly female

atlantic urgent care, unconscious patient, port orange police radio scanner, 957 am

in a hotel, south atlantic, daytona beach shores, a guest found a gun in one of the rooms, 956am , police radio scanner

near hooligans, ormond beach, motorcycle accident with reported injuries, 949am fire rescue radio scanner, tac 6.

133 inlet harbor rd., burglary to a business report – 936am, ponce inlet police radio scanner

commonwealth and isabelle – pit bull chased him while he was on a bike, 854am port orange police radio scanner

56xx isabelle ave., person trespassed for assault a couple days ago. something about a tenant. (perhaps this is an escort to pick up belongings? I am not sure.) 843am

gourmet kitchenm, 2400 south ridgewood, possible stroke, 834am south daytona police radio scanner.

station 51, new smyrna beach, vandalism to city property, need police report, fire dept. radio scanner, 718am

ocean vista condos, 19xx s atlantic – male, walking no shirt, barefoot, yelling, tried to get into rp’s vehicle, 712am daytona beach shores police radio scanner

dunlawton and nova – pan handler – 628am, port orange police radio scanner

mm 256 I95, southbound, mva, port orange fire  rescue responding, police radio scanner, 609am

5400 s williamson – noise complaint – 438am – port orange police radio scanner

esperando ave. port orange police radio scanner, 415am, 3 18 17, domestic disturbance, female sounds intoxicated/esplanad ave., husband is back and was trying the garage door. 6am/now  he is in the house 601 am/police taking the male back to his hotel room, 614am



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