3 21 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

‘mm 271 south boud mova fire rescue radio scanner 868pm

so “what does it matter?”  patient not going to the hospital or “refusal”?. dialogue between ambulance and dispatcher – radio scanner, 446pm, 3 21 17

quick pick food store – male going through dumpster- daytona beach shores police radio scanner, 441pm

Date: 3/20/2017 Time:   Invest Asgn:   

Date: 3/20/2017 Time:   Invest Asgn:   

17-7564 Jarrett L Ramsey W/M 7-14-82, 6147 S Ridgewood Ave #46 PO; Violation of pre trial release second degree murder(firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. (Dep. S. Woell)

17-7571 Steven A Allen B/M 06-26-81, 1108 W. Canal St #5 NSB; Violation of Parole sexual battery. (Sgt, Amendolare)








illegal parking publix taylor rd 429pm port orange police radio scanner

1165 dunlawton verbal disturbance. pain management – patient not happy with treatment he is getting – 422pm

delayed entry  for safety reasons – investigation 3900 yorktown blvd. 3 21 17 – port orange police radio scanner

social security office – port orange unit out with a suspicious person. police radio scanner, 403pm

warrant served  one in custody – 401pm port orange police radio scanner 7xx barlow circle.

nova and dunlawton report of roll over with entrapment – 352pm – police on scene, confirms – port orange police radio scanner- female entrapped, awake and conscious. – hit a pole. police and fire radio scanner – 3 21 17 . see radio log at  www.portorangebolo.com – east bound lanes/ vehicle about to be removed from roadway, 433pm

delayed entry so as to not alarm parents. some time before this afternoon an 18 yr. old female was taken to hospital from atlantic H.S. with an ankle injury while playing basketball. 3 21 17 – fire radio scanner.

port orange fire rescue responding to wal mart. someone fell. 347pm, fire radio scanner

beresford. motorcycle accident. air one en route – 340pm, police radio scanner. ejected from motorcycle

3xx olive st. male who stole her food stamps a couple of days ago, hit her. he was last seen southbound on ridgewood ave. on  bicycle 255pm  south daytona police radio scanner

   Vehicle Break-In / Theft
CarBreak (UCR)
Incident #: 170002470(POPD)
1100 BLOCK HARMS WAY  |  3/19/2017 @ 1:12 PM
Port Orange Police

Kenny Lee Bradford, 36, Port Orange, habitual driving while license is revoked;
Henry G. Johnson, 44, Port Orange, possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, operating a vehicle while driver’s license is suspended, revoked or canceled;

dunlawton and ridgewood- pcb pipes blocking traffic lanes. too heavy for citizens to remove – 1003am, port orange police radio scanner.

sugar mill elementary. 911 disconnect (parents don’t panic, telephone mistakes happen often). office in school is not aware of any emergency. port orange police will still check the school to see if anyone there might need help. 1001 am, police radio scanner

6xx roanoke dr. unconscious person. 958am, port orange police radio scanner

28xx regent crescent – cat in a trap – south daytona police radio scanner 955am

air one comes in service to bolo for a vehicle out of seminole county. i DO Not yet know what this is about. 951am, police radio scanner

1xx iron gate – seriously emotionally disturbed person – port orange police radio scanner, 930am/ 940am, rp recants her version about the well being of the person.

serving a warrant in port orange, 923am, port orange police radio scanner

best western ormond beach- fishermen taking up space where people want to swim. 910am police radio scanner- on the beach. beach patrol radio scanner


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