3 23 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

In the first half of Wednesday’s show, financial analyst Mish Shedlock talked about the state of the economy. Regarding the possible bankruptcy of the corporate owner of Kmart and Sears, he commented that “vulture capitalists” came in and stripped out the company’s assets and unleashed its debt causing the stock price to soar. They made huge amounts of money, he cited, but now the company is languishing again. Payless Shoes is also said to be moving toward filing for bankruptcy. A lot of retail purchasing has shifted to online outlets such as Amazon, and “I think the whole retail mall structure is in for an enormous shock,” and along with that will come many lost jobs, he cautioned. Read the full recap.

reed  canal and nova? student hit by a bus. 3pm  south daytona police radio scanner. school bus – just west of the light, 302pm

atlantic h.s. hit and run. suspect vehicle followed to an address on clyde morris blvd. 259pm

madeline and sunset – vehicle struck large bird – bird is still alive, port orange police radio scanner, 1156am

in front of Hooligans, ISB, daytona, police unit reports what looks like a serious 4 vehicle accident 1128am police raedio scannery

940 village trail – mother yelling at 5 yr old daughter. there is a prior call at this address in which mother was taken into custody for letting the child home alone. now 948am 3 23 17 port orange police radio scanner

3x springwood sq. 8th grader, truant – 944am – port orange police radio scanner

7xx millbrook? lane – male bitten by a dog – 941pm south daytona police radio scanner – mellbrook?

dunlawton ave and nova  stopped at red light, one motorist got out of the car and threatned another motorist with a gun, threatening to shoot him. 919am port orange police radio scanner

mm 256, south bound, report of accident with injuries – port orange police radio scanner. 916am

905 am 3 23 17 – cloudy, overcast, ground wet with on and off light rain. summer trees west port orange, fl. – high surf today in the afternoon

shuntz rd. 1 acre size brush fire. port orange fire radio scanner, 828am

palm dr. and orange. brush fire. port orange fire radio scanner, 826am/ air one advises, quavar dr. off of taylor, 832am/ palm dr. and orange dr./

Good Thursday Morning, 3 23 17.


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