3 25 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Log

7xx Lafayette st. 2 subjects throwing beer bottles into rp’s yard. 1129pm port orange police radio scanner

3661 nova rd. intox male causing disturbance – port orange police radio scanner

12xx edna – 14 yr old female missing — may be in the company of a male, – on foot- port orange police radio scanner 837pm/ white female, blue shirt and blue jeans/ 1115 pm, port orange police unit finds juvenile on orchard st, port orange. police radio scanner/1146pm. juvenile is diabetic and starting to feel shaky. rescue requested to respond to orchard st. police radio scanner port orange.

publix, Daytona beach shores police radio scanner, pan handler. 835pm

steven has been trespassed from tomoka brewery – 757pm port orange police radio scanner

25xx s atlantic  info that missing 15 yr old who made suicidal statements, might be in Daytona beach shores. missing from alluchia? Daytona beach  shores police radio scanner/port orange police unit requested to check the dunlawton bridge/ father is in Daytona beach shores driving around trying to spot his son. 824pm/air one requested to respond and assist in search, 826 pm/ light color t shirt, navy hoodie. / air one overhead searching, 849pm/ air one finds nothing and goes back in service, 910pm/

8xx whispering court – 12 yr old ran off – black male – Daniel p – port orange police radio scanner 734pm/ some people report that they saw the 12 yr. old by crossbow lane, 814pm/police unit finds the 12 yr. old, 816pm

4773 s atlantic vehicle vs. pedestrian – inlet harbor road – 724pm ponce inlet port orange police radio sanner/ police unit on scene. rescue is en route, 725pm/ 730pm, info that male was running from a female/mother of pedestrian hit by vehicle wants ambulance {or rescue?} to return , 751pm/ at the accident scene, a vehicle almost hit police officer.  vehicle stopped and subject arrested. 826pm/ dui arrest, 832pm/

46xx clyde morris – suspicious – 720pm
weapon s complaint – 4xx Windsor dr. – rp heard a shot about a minute ago, from an unknown direction. 721pm port orange police radio scanner

33 inlet harbor, miscellaneous call ponce inlet police radio scanner. {sounds like an event or crowd in the back ground. ponce inlet is rocking tonigh?{  711pm

country walk drive. animal complaint 706pm port orange police radio scanner

west bayshore dr. barking dog complaint 706 port orange police radio scanner

port orange police unit logs in on special detail, Hollywood theaters, 704pm police radio scanner

police unit out with someone under the boardwalk who is not unconscious as was reported.  police radio scanner .  beach. 7 pm

Fitzerald  and Bryant? suspicious person 7pm, port orange police radio scanner

10xx s green acres circle – male vs female disturbance. 641pm – south Daytona police radio scanner/

south nova road. possible burglary attempt. 635pm police radio scanner

21xx oak meadow circle- disturbance about someone losing her phone. 632pm

country walk dr. loose dog, not aggressive 630pm portorange police radio scanner

CarBreak (UCR)
Incident #: 170002640(POPD)
1800 BLOCK DUNLAWTON AV  |  3/23/2017 @ 8:39 PM
Port Orange Police

5xx bramble bush circle. disturbance, mom and son. son brandished a pocket knife at mom. 331pm port orange police radio scanner

kalyoke? 2 females outside of a ford mustang, yelling at each other. 327pm police radio scanner

155pm walgreens – some kind of police investigation. talking to a female. at  same time small or medium size brown dog running loose, south bound behind Walgreen, dunlaton and clyde morris.

female assaulted last night in Holly Hill , Daytona and Port orange.  now she is at halifax hospital daytona with head injuries. request port orange police to respond to hospital . 11am, port orange police radio scanner

ceder village apts. , eastern, yelling disturbance 953am, south daytona police radio scanner

reed canal park. city bike event – some streets may be closed at times, but event should be over by 1130am  – now time is 916am , south daytona police radio scanner

9xx  morry ct. medical emergency, 906am

3x woodfield lane. cpr- female – port orange police radio scanner – 836am/police unit reports a working code, 842am/

north of ora st park. suspicious package on the beach, 835am beachpatrol radio scanner

south Palmetto south daytona police radio scanner. grandma is upset and leaving in a vehicle. 834am/doctor’s orders are for her not to drive/

Good Morning Summer Trees West, Port Orange, South Daytona, Ponce Inlet , Daytona Beach Shores, Bathers at the Volusia County Beach, Beach Patrol, and all the ships at sea. Saturday, 3 25 17. 756am. It looks nice outside, but I have not yet checked the weather forecast. Hope you have a good weekend. — hank Springer


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