3 26 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log



Ashton point apts. Mentally ill person. 834pm, port orange police radio scanner

20xx hickory wood dr. 2 brothers in a physical fight. 854pm south Daytona police radio scanner

port orange police going to an address in port orange, to contact someone whom Daytona beach shores has charges for. 826pm. address restricted by editor hank springer . 826pm Daytona beach shores police radio scanner

3xx regents crescent, animal complaint. 820 pm, south Daytona police radio scanner

13xx harms way, brother and sister in a disturbance. 751pm port orange police radio scanner/ police unit tells other police unit to “step it up” 756pm/

air one is advised that daytona beach has an armed robbery. 632pm, police radio scanner/

23xx oriel -husband and wife have been drinking. wife asked police to respond. south daytona police radio scanner. physical and verbal disturbance.


38xx sunset cove, male vs. female, physical disturbance 806pm port orange police radio scanner

10 yr old white male running from employees of beach house, n/b on nova road. south daytona police radio scanner, 554pm/ subject has been located on the roof, 615pm/now at 642pm report that juvenile ran towards skate city in south daytona/

2136 s atlantic. customer in store causing a disturbance. 531pm daytona beach shores police radio scanner

58xx alstrum – female said she would return to residence and kill everyone. 530pm port orange police radio scanner/female located walking back from chili’s. (I can hear yelling in the background as police unit brings her back to the alstrum address, ) 541pm/

clyde morris blvd. and mason ave. mva with reported injuries, daytona beach fire rescue radio scanner, grey mini van vs. light pole., 522pm

5xx leslie dr. vandalism 503pm port orange police radio scanner/may be related to a fight on friday night, 538pm/police investigating/

943 village trail, medical call, blood pressure, fire rescue radio scanner port orange 429pm

ok, back with my ears on at 410pm. you can listen too at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/20946/web

taking a break, 305pm. be back in about an  hour. — hank

3200 s the beach, life guard out with a medical case. rescue requested 257pm, beach patrol radio scanner/ cancel request for rescue, minor issue, reports beach patrol unit, 301pm

1925 south atlantic assault and battery, Daytona beach shores police radio scanner 247pm

it is hard to believe, but I have 3 peoplwe fishing in the Halifax river, 8 feet from the side of my van, blocking my serene panamoramic view.  with hundreds of feet of shore space to fish from, this is where they choose to fish. I guess this ia a good fishing spot?  lol

4700 block  s atlantic animal complaint ponce inlet police radio scanner 241pm

142pm I4  mm 130  will have to shut down ttraffic. mva. fire radio scanner.

1259PM, I saw him, panhandler, ridgewood and ISB, traffic stops for light and he walks out among cars with a sign that reads “why lie, I need a beer”. — hank

1214 pm , 316 main st Daytona beach police radio scanner, someone with a lead pipe threatens to bash someone’s head in.

1xx sand pebble – is afraid of someone who is headed towards her huse – 1033 am port orange police radio scanner

1751 dunlawton, loews, suspicious incident. 1020am port orange police radio scanner

Good Morning Summer Trees West, Port Orange, Florida, this Sunday 3 26 17.


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