3 27 17 Port Orange Area News Police Radio Scanner Log


brush fire in daytona beach shores. marseilles ave? and s atlantic/  919pm fire radio scanner/ report that there is a structure less than 10 ft from the fire, 920pm/battalion 77 on scene, marseille ave., and no exposure?, 922pm/924pm, fire is extinquished/

vc deputy asks for an assist from a south daytona police unit – police radio scanner – 851pm at the beach house.

gas station, village trail and dunlawton. port orange police unit request lost prevention from wal mart to make a possible I D, show up. I do not know what this case is about.  (maybe shoplifting). 847pm/ 100 percent postive ID made at the show up, 901PM/

1/2 mile out in ocean seems to be an unmanned craft. deputies going out on jet skies. beach patrol radio scanner. 655 pm/column of smoke coming from 30 footer. coast guard advised. 657pm/ south of aisles/ new Smyrna/702pm. engine 50

5x springwood sq. port orange fire dept. responding to a cardiac emergency 613pm radio scanner

610 pm. I don’t know where. patient walking away from medic. they believe he is on some kind of narcotics. walking away from 5xx ridgewood. fire  radio scanner.

12c55 call is changed to a mentally ill person- 540pm – port orange police radio scanner

6xx beville rd. civil complaint 519pm south daytona police radio scanner

1401 s the beach, engine 52, new smyrna, animal sting – 456pm fire dept radio scanner

cvs 1001 dunlawton. civil complaint – 433pm- port orange police radio scanner

1xx dunlun? circle – well being check – 433pm – port orange police radio scanner

4xx bannan kay dr., theft, 353pm . south daytona police radio scanner

reed canal and pope. trespasser. 352pm south daytona police radio scanner

wal mart port orange police radio scanner, shoplifting. 325pm police radio scanner, white male wearing black shirt with tatoos. was headed towards the gas station. 327pm/

fox place and ridgewood – motor scooter involved accident with reported injuries. 324pm por torange police radio scanner

mason and clyde. stolen vehicle spotted, Daytona beach police radio scanner.  air one is responding. 227pm

mm 265, south bound, I95 – semi trailer, empty trailer on fire. fire department responding, fire department radio  scanner 212pm/ fire unit reports fire is about 15% involved, 214pm/one lane of traffic is blocked, 220pm/

listening to “bolero” one of my favorites while monitoring police radio channels. laying or lying? in bed, will shortly be falling asleep for my afternoon nap. will you still love me when I am old and grey? lol  205pm

narcotics complaint in port orange. location not being published by editor, hank springer. 159pm, police radio scanner

osteen, air one going to help ground units find a fire. 142pm, police radio scanner

spruce creek elementary, parking complaint, people waiting for school to get out is backing up traffic, 125pm port orange police radio scanner

port orange police to serve a warrant of arrest for grand theft. location not published by editor,  hank springer, 114pm 3 27 17 port orange police radio scanner

daytona beach, beach side, best western, 3 white teenagers suspected of burglary. last seen running towards beach, 1248pm, beach patrol radio scanner.

2225 s atlantic car break report 1223am dayona beach shores police radio scanner

narcartics complaint in south daytona. location restricted editor hank springe r- 1049am, police radio scanner

south daytona police radio scanner. attempting to serve a warrant. adddress restricted by editor hank springer, 1040am

south atlantic and amelia ave. daytona beach shores police radio scanner, parking issue, 1037am

24xx pharmacy, south atlantic, chemical leak, daytona beach shores engine 77 radio scanner, 1030am. fuel spill in the parking lot. fire radio scanner/ (maybe it is not in daytona beach shores – hank)

squirrel nest – rescue going to a medical call – port orange police radio scanner, 1016m

it is a beautiful day outside. 1011 am, 3 27 17.

665 beville. person with an open warrant is in the lobby. 1009am south daytona police radio scanner

supicious person on the dunlawton bridge, 731am port orange police radio scanner

4xx leslie dr. emotionally disturbed male. 721am port orange police radio scanner

Good Monday Morning, 3 27 17, Summer Trees West, Port Orange, Florida. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to work we go.  I think I will be staying home today, doing chores and monitoring the police scanner radio channels. Hope we all have a good day and a good start to the week.  A reminder again, you can listen to Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanners at http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/379


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