If I Were A Black Man (sing Fiddler on the Roof)

Or better yet, sing If I Were A White Man …..


Hank comments on the New York Times article at https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/28/opinion/the-image-of-emmett-till.html?smid=tw-nytopinion&smtyp=cur&_r=0

Notwithstanding that our revered Constitution stated that all men were created equal, (excluding slaves, blacks, and females?) we have evolved in our culture to protest (but not censure?) a white artist’s expression of a black tragedy.

Do I sense a direction in opinion that unless black people get into power in America, there will never be any true compassion or empathy for the plight of black people in America (and should we avoid the plight of blacks in Africa?).

Is it fake news that has told me that many American cities have black people leading the citys’ affairs? If this is so, why are we not rejoicing? Why are not blacks rejoicing about the assent of many black people to levels of political power?

Perhaps it is an economical problem more than a racist problem.  An educational problem? (the bell curve, Charles  Murray) . What is the answer?  Marxism , socialism, affirmative action, leveling the playing field, allow revenge to release the tension, allow civil disobedience, punish more severely race motivated crime, allow more blacks to receive more Golden Emmy rewards, benign neglect, more prayer, reading of the bible, more democrats, more finances directed towards blacks to get more jobs, more hoodies,  take the guns away from white people, more dialogue between whites and blacks, realizing that by definition blacks cannot be racists, have only black cops in black neighborhoods, stop the narcotics that are being fed into black neighborhoods, gentrification, put the whites in back of the bus, and what else?  And now, white artists should not interpret black tragedy?

Is this something that is in the genes?  I have my victimization and if I lose it, what do I have.? I can keep my doctors, my illnesses, and my sense of victimization if I want to.

What would I do and what would I teach my kids if I were a black person?  I don’t think I am allowed to voice an opinion on such a complex issue that I could not possibly understand.  I am white, and even Archie Bunker could understand such a revolting development. — sincerely and honestly –   hank

Posted 503pm, 3 28 17


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