3 29 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

jones st. domestic disturbance – verbal- south Daytona police radio scanner, 1117pm

dunlawton ave and harbor point – juvenile – 1103pm – port orange police radio scanner


Lexington inn — Daytona beach shores police radio scanner – domestic disturbance, 1039pm


Date: 3/28/2017 Time: 2128   Invest Asgn:   

Header: WARRANT MISD   Location:361 Beehive Dr., OH   Business Name:    ZONE:

eputy Childers and Deputy Mitchell were attempting to serve a warrant at 361 Beehive Drive. When Deputy Childers approached the residence from the northeast he observed D1 standing on the back porch of the residence. D1 was the subject of the warrant. As Deputy Childres approached D1, he yelled “Sheriff’s Office show me you hands!” D1 then retreated back into his residence. When Deputy Childers made it to the door D1 had locked the dead bolt. Deputy Childers observed D1’s girlfriend, O1, run to the front of the residence, lock the front door, and crawled back to a rear bedroom. Sgt. Hairston notified Lt. Heaton of the incident and he responded to the scene. Lt. Heaton advised under the circumstances forced entry could be utilized. Deputy Childers broke the glass out of the front door and made entry. Deputies located D1 in a rear bedroom closet, placed him under arrest, and secured the residence.

Lt. Heaton completed an Auto Incident report.

O1 Christina E. Mitchell W/F 02/28/1980 361 Beehive Dr., OH
D1 Donald P. Smith W/M 03/10/1993 361 Beehive Dr., OH


15b21 has a stolen vehicle,  with  occupants. back up units responding. – 101p – initial sighting was in daytona beach, question is does daytona beach police want to handle case. stop made by south daytona police. police radio scanner/ male and female are secured/daytona beach police will handle the case/

5xx blake – theft report – 1251pm- south daytona pom – south daytona police radio scanner – one is secured, 101pm – also female secured, 102pmlice radio scanner

3333 s atlantic ave. – report of a mentally disturbed person- called in by manager – 1249pm – daytona beach shores police radio scanner

ocean walk – bolo for black male with a beard – car break in the parking garage,  beach patrol radio scanner, 1224pm

walmart port orange police radio scanner – unit needs a female officer to search a female – 1157am/ female in custody for shoplifting in wal marts, 1216pm/

on the beach in front of Perry’s- female,  yelling at rp. – suspect wearing bra and purple underpants. 1154am beach patrol radio scanner.

s atlantic and old carriage, mva – traffic lanes blocked- ponce inlet police radio scanner, 1129am

mva with reported injuries – nova and lpga blvd. 1037am fire rescue radio scanner

George J. Mumm, 53, Port Orange, court violation

police radio scanner. 1xx cypress pond. rp at this address. dispatcher thinks it is some kind of injunction violation. 824pm 3 29 17, port orange (Editor Hank has reviewed this log entry at 1001pm 3 29 17. I conclude that the entry is pretty accurate as far as the content which the radio dispatcher had sent to the sector car (75}. I remember that there was a follow up radio transmission in which the dispatcher stated that she was sending the actual “injunction”text to the officer’s  mobile computer. I am satisfied that the radio log entry by me, hank the editor, is accurate, as to the content in the radio message which was transmitted –  sincerely and honestly –  hank sringer}

beach patrol foot chase on boardwalk. subject apprehended. something about Wal Green’s and do they want to press charges. perhaps another shoplifting by a guy with no shirt? 814am, 3 29 17. police radio scanner, daytona beach.

kinkgston ave and rr tracks. someone rolling around in the grass. unknown medical issue – fire rescue radio scanner (engine 6? daytona beach?) 711 am

medic 116 to halifax hospital. “presently en route to your hospital with a non emergency … no, no , no , no”.  transmission ended. 632am, 3 29 17./ resumed radio transmission “67 yr. old male, did heroin last night, ….”  (I don’t know what the problem in the ambulance  was).

3xx sixth st. male and female, altered mental status. perhaps overdose. 6am evac? radio scanner

x montreal place. noise complaint in reference to previous call. music is still going on there. 453am port orange police radio scanner

431 am. Good morning Port Orange, Florida and all the ships at sea. I couldn’t sleep all night long. Upset stomach. As I listen to the graveyard shift of the police radio and fire radio, I hope to doze off in my living room comfortable chair. 3 29 17 – hank


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