3 30 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

54xx taylor ave., well being check, 426pm port orange police radio scanner

13xx deer springs rd. gas odor in structure, people and child feeling ill from odor – port orange police radio scanner,

427pm/ fire unit on scene, seems to be a structure fire in an apartment. will make force entry. 432pm/ fire command reports working fire in ceiling –  hammock?, 436pm hammock command’/

beach st and ridgewood ave., in area of fire station one, no electrical power – 2 pm – daytona beach fire radio scanner. mva accident n/b on ridgewood – 3 vehicles, one on its side/

pavilion near home american – stolen vehicle (report?) 127pm,port orange police radio scanner – (I think port orange unit found the vehicle.  maybe it had been in the parking lot and owner did not remember where he or she had parked it?  I dont really know if this radio transmission is related to the stolen vehicle call. 146pm, hank)

2745 s peninsular dr. one call in for smoke near the structure. 1214pm – fire radio scanner – fire unit in area sees no signs of smoke – squirt 77 – children in the play area of school, everything seems ok, and looks like no fire and no danger to the school or children – seems to be an unfounded call about a fire or smoke, 1216pm – fire units being called off scene –

5420 ridgewood ave. dollar general – urinated on the sidewalk – no shoes – publix – 1153 am – south daytona police radio scanner

1x blackduck circle – animal complaint, 1143am port orange police radio scanner

south daytona police radio scanner – narcotic complaint – location withheld by editor hank springer so investigation can proceed without hinderance – 1142am

3100 ridgewood – driver came into business threatening emloyees, 1135am – south daytona police radio scanner – (some kind of supply distributer business) left in a light color truck with a trailer, 1136am – problem was about loading and unloading the truck , 1143am – driver is going to “have to figure out what to do with the freight” and says he is not allowed to return to the business where there just had been a problem, 1144am /

1031 am – oak trail run – car break – 1031am – police radio scanner

6x andrews st – vandalism – 847am – police radio scanner

5986 ridgewood ave. stolen vehicle report – port orange police radio scanner, 813am

Good morning Port Orange. A thank you to Sue who was out watering our new 5 little planted trees in the circle of our cul de sac. later today I will see if my long water hose might be able to reach some of the new trees which deserve a little water each day.

Son Jon is arriving today in sunny Florida.  It’s nice to have your son and daughter living in units next door to you.  I live like a king in my 950 sq. feet of living space in Summer Trees West. Really enjoying my golden years.

Had a good night’s sleep last night with the new equipment I received for my CPAC machine. or is it CPAP. Much needed was a new strap to hold the mask tightly and securely to my face.

A new day of monitoring the heart beat and pulse of Port Orange Area every day living. It is Thursday already?

Will be heading out for Publix in a few minutes. When I am away from my computer what I hear on my police radio scanner,  I repeat in my pocket tape recorder for printing out later into my radio log  entries.

It looks nice out at 809am, 3 30 17.  Have a nice day.]

— hank springer


One thought on “3 30 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log

  1. Hey Hank! Just drove by a vehicle being searched in South Daytona and thought of you! Checked this blog to see if you wrote about it. Have a sunny super day in Summer Trees with your son!


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