4 1 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log


stony brook circle – someone was trying a key into a lock- susppicious – port orange police rdio scanner – 51pm

58xx south port dr. noise complaint – 518pm port orange police radio scanner

5x larger head ct. loose dog, ponce inlet police radio scanner, 451pm

7xx tumblerbrook dr. noise complaint – port orange police radio scanner, 444pm

2 beach 21, adult male prisoner for alcohol, 432pm – beach patrol radio scanner

dunlawton and atlantic – traffic “jam” headed towards dunlawton bridge – police radio scanner, 145pm

54xx crane feather drive, assault and batter – 10 am, port orange police radio scanner

57xx devon st. car break – 950am – port orange police radio scanner

mm 244, I95 – air craft crash- fire rescue radio scanner – 848am – 2planes collided and went into woods – 442 and I94 – air one responding – police and fire rescue radio, 4 1 17/several plans were travelling together – 2 of them collided and went down into woods- edgewater responding – multiple fire rescue units responding/ access after ompanka? 853 am/ n/lo 442 offramp multiplepeople flagging down fire rescueunits -opossumcamproad- 854am/n/o 442, west ofI95 -,red plane circling overhead – 856am/ second plane is about 150 yards from the first plane, 856am/118 on scene, heavy airplane damage, 857am/ (one patient serious, 858am)/second patient serious, 859am reports 118) one occupant in both planes, and both patients serious, 901am/


wal greens and dunlawton. male walked up to ambulance and told crew he was having a panic attack and asked to be transported tot bert fish hospital – 733am, evac radio scanner

Good Morning Port Orange. I think it is going to be hot today in Central Florida, or at least warm. Real nice now at 558am. Finished off Linda’s breakfast for me which had been made two days ago. Western Omelet, rye toast and Arabiac coffee. Delicious.
I reorganized my listening station. Am starting to use my living room more than  my bedroom/office. I love sitting by the windows looking up at the sky.  Got my favorite swivel chairs at the computer ,police radio scanners near me,
Spectrum music choice playing right now,
Skylark”, HelenForrest/ Harry James. Intriguing melody.l
Maybe the engine room in my little submarine will get straigtened up today.(my small kitchen).

Have a nice weekend. —hank


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