CUT THE CORD!,news-17928.html

Many of my Spectrum services are not available in my residence.  Spectrum tells me that it is has trouble with services in Port Orange.  My HOA has told me that Spectrum will not honor the contract we had prior to Spectrum taking over.

I guess we just have to put up with this.  What do you think?  — honestly and sincerely, hank springer  – posted 329pm 4 2 17


3 thoughts on “CUT THE CORD!

  1. I’ve been living without cable TV for 2 years. It’s pretty easy of you aren’t a big sports fan. An antenna in the window and something that lets you view videos over the internet is all you need.


  2. I’ve cut the cord about 6 months ago and installed a Mohu Sky antenna in my attic. The picture is in HD and much better quality than I had with SpectrumBrighthouse. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, have excellent reception, and there are about 40 other Chanel’s that I receive as well. No monthly bills, just the price of the antenna, which by the way, was only $99 on sale at Best Buys! As for movies and sports, there are many reasonably priced options and some are even free….and legal if course! Check out there is a ton of good info on there.
    Lots of luck!


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