Who should protect the HOA board? The Secretary of Defense?

A member of our HOA association ran for re election to our board of directors.  She got appointed to the board. While she was a candidate for re election I wanted to ask her if prior to 2016, she had known that for many years the clubhouse (some prefer to re name it the “reading” room) was an illegal structure.(illegal erection?). Some would prefer to call it “not or never permitted by the city of Port Orange).  When I proposed to ask the question as to whether she had known of such an un-permitted structure on hoa common grounds, the then secretary of this hoa board sent an e mail t0 20 people in this association, testifying to the fact that said candidate for election to the board was “a good Christian”, implying that if she were asked such a preposterous question, he as secretary would quit the board.  Does that offer still stand?

— sincerely and honestly, Hank Springersh


2 thoughts on “Who should protect the HOA board? The Secretary of Defense?

  1. Hank, no more daily updates and police call log? I loved reading that everyday and looked forward to it! I hope that whatever is keeping you from doing it gets worked out. By the way, my mom had your back on the NextDoor posting yesterday! Happy Thursday 🙂


    1. Thank you Chelsea, and thank your Mom for me. I am trying to get back to simply reporting the heart beat and pulse of our Port Orange Area, but I can’t resist dealing with some other issues which I think are important. Just now, 540pm on Marc Bernier AM radio show, there may be foreign nations buying some radio stations to give America some Communist propoganda. Marc said he does not understand why anyone would want to listen to it. Perhaps a moment of sloppiness for Marc, but really, don’t listen to opposing opinions? No matter how much one might hate the opposing opinions? Scotty, don’t beam me up yet, this is all getting so entertaining and interesting. I want to see how this all turns out. The dark middle ages have returned with new vigor. I have only read about those ages, but I think that now I am being treated to experiencing them. As the life of Riley said,”this is a revolting situation”. Thank you Chelsea, sorry that I digress. There is no doubt that I am a grumpy old man. lol – hank


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