Deadly Physical Force – a question by Hank, 4 11 17

Some one explain to me the answer for this scenario:  A person you know, with out permission, enters your home, to settle a personal problem with you, and invites you to “put up your dukes and let’s have it out and settle this right here and now”. You refuse to fight, but he starts punching you. Allowing that the person is of the same sex as you, the same age, same build and height, does this mean that you can not use deadly force against that person, and your only option is to defend yourself by means of your fists, or to run away?  I listened to some of the discussion today on the Marc Bernier show interview with Gen. Lawlor, Homeland Security, and in the section that I listened to, I don’t think the scenario I have just described, was discussed. Any guy name Saul out there who can answer this for me?  – hank springer

posted 503pm, 4 11 17


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