4 14 17 Port Orange Area Police Radio Scanner Log


Radio Log follows after this  brief  public service message.  —-Good Friday Morning to Port Orange Fl. and its surrounding area. And to everyone in Volusia County, get ready for a glorious Easter Weekend.  Hopefully, you have  missed my radio log the last two days, and I think today will be more normal for me and I can get back to following the police radio scanner throughout the day and reporting to you. — hank springer.


11xx green briar ave. black male, misdemeandor db charges – attempt to locate – police radio scanner, 835pm/ female now leaving in vehicle/

8xx wells? wales?/ 3 people. one female yelling on drive way. saying she is unable to leave – police radio scanner/ it is wells

south ridgewood and ridge – male and female in verbal – one carrying luggage  – south daytona police radio scanner, 830pm/

2x seneca circle – high on drugs female – was allowed to live there, and now she does not want to move- south daytona police radio scanner, 812pm/ one of the females has now left, 813pm/

west bound I4 , stolen vehicle, air one enroute – 759pm, volusia county police radio scanner   switch to LE 2/ air one going back to air one channel – suicidal subject incidentworking onLE 2. / change not signasl 10. /  fleeing charges and ncis hit warns subjects may be armed, 802pm/ stop sticks (authorized?)/ohio tag, 809pm/ 827 pm (it sounds like units back in service, vehicle not located)/

3821 nova – white female, blonde hair – threw coffee at manager- publix – 149pm – port orange police radio scanner

2xx summer trees road – medical call – 146pm port orange fire rescue radio scanner

swallow taill and dunlawton- intox male wants to get on the bus – bus will not let him on the bus – 123pm port orange police radio scanner

mm 256, n/b I95 – medical call, on the off ramp. unkown medical problem but might be a “guy just sleeping at the wheel of his car”. 1214pm port orange fire rescue radio scanner.

1134 am, 4 14 17 – I was waiting to hear on the police radio scanner, maniac on the street, with a machette, near 33 summer trees rd. –  That might have been me –  many months ago, I bought a garbage pail in Wal mart – (pail made in china?) which I have endured because said garbage pail will not stand up straight (we already have an illegal erection on common grounds, but I digress). Today, I had to make use of that garbage pail, and Lordy, Lordy, did I get mad at this garbage pail.  I did not have an ax to start ripping up the bummer garbage pail, but had access to a machete . I was out in the street dealing deadly blows to this bummer garbage pail, and with each blow intended to rip up the garbage pail into pieces, I recited “Revenge is the Lords”.  For many years I have owned a gun, but using a machete is just so pleasurable at times.  Oh my Hank you are certainly certifiable.  – I know, I know.  We all have our faults?  lol –  hank

chelsea and hand – ormond beach fire rescue radio scanner – vehicle into a dtich, mva, vehicle fire, female says she is seriously injured – 950am

hidden lake and willow run – gun shot heard – juvenile said he saw a man with a gun at this intersection – 938am – port orange police radio scanner/ description of male given, may be headed towards silver sands school. police also checking for suspect in city center area, 945am/ police unit out with male who matches the descriptionof suspect, city center and herbert st. , 950am/ 15 minutes or 20 minutes ago – suspect – white male in his twenties – male had a black hand gun – heard discharge of gun shot  – willow run, male was headed towards clyde morris – original sighting, willow run, a little east of hidden lake.  police units searching for suspect, 956am/ spectrum tells port orange police unit, report of a transformer out at willow run- 1006am port orange police radio scanner

184 magnolia loop – “she would like to speak to someone”.  933am port orange police radio scanner 9 14 17



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