computer dispute

4/18/2017 Time: 2130   Invest Asgn:   
Header: BATTERY SIMPLE   Location:                     Business Name:    ZONE:54  

R-1 advised that her grandchildren, V-1 and D-1, were involved in a physical fight on this date. R-1 is the legal guardian of her grandchildren and they live together as a family. V-1 was using a computer on this date and D-1 wanted to use the computer. Upon V-1 refusing to allow D-1 access, he forcefully removed her from her chair and began punching her.  V-1 began yelling for R-1 and bit D-1’s forearm in self-defense.  R-1 cited concerns for her safety, as well as her grandchildren. Deputy Weaver determined D-1 was the primary aggressor and placed him into custody for Simple Battery (DV).  He was transported to District 3 South for processing and was later delivered to the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.


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