: BATTERY SIMPLE Location:Cypress Ave/Flamingo Ave OH

  Date: 4/17/2017 Time: 1626   Invest Asgn:
Header: BATTERY SIMPLE   Location:Cypress Ave/Flamingo Ave OH

V-1 and D-1 are students at New Smyrna Middle School and ride the same school bus. After exiting the school bus on this date, D-1 called to V-1, advising she needed to tell her something. D-1 approached V-1 and struck her in the side of the head with a closed fist. V-1 went home with her mother and contacted VCSO. Deputy Proctor responded and conducted an investigation.

While en route to contact D-1 at her residence, Deputy Proctor was flagged down and a witness pointed out D-1, who was walking in the area. Deputy Proctor attempted contact and D-1 continued walking into the yard. Deputies Proctor and Hudson then attempted to take D-1 into custody, at which time D-2 began interfering with their efforts. D-2 was arrested after a brief struggle with Deputies. D-1 was again contacted and taken into custody without further incident. Both were transported to District 3 South for processing. D-2 was transported to VCBJ on charges of Resisting an Officer with Violence. D-1 was charged with Resisting an Officer w/o Violence and Simple Battery. She was issued a Civil Citation and released to her mother at the direction of DJJ.

V-1 Sanford, Brittany (W/F 01/12/2003.) 141 Nancy Street Oak Hill, FL
D-1 (B/F 07-26-2004) Simple Battery, Resist Officer w/o Violence (Proctor) (Civil Citation)
D-2 Martin, Derek (B/M 01-20-1982) Resist Officer w/ Violence, (Hudson)



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