gold mine for HOA attorneys

….Items (1) and (5) make the HOA a state actor due to the mandatory “order” to investigate harassment complaints relating to Fair Housing laws. Item 5 deals with one of the fundamental flaws of the HOA legal scheme — unpaid and untrained volunteers with no local government experience to run HOAs. What would you expect? You get what you paid for. That’s a gold mine for HOA attorneys, who have created these pro-HOA state laws and adhesion contract CC&Rs….


posted 638pm, 4 19 17


One thought on “gold mine for HOA attorneys

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST, hove you followed all the other post threads from that particular HUD NEW HARRASMENT RULE article, read the one that says “we don’t want no stinking gov’t protection for homeowners” thread.

    both of these articles will be so useful Friday 1030 am meeting with the ACLU / our personal attorneys.

    thanks for the assist!


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