abandoned factory

read hank’s comments after movie trailer

I do not know why, but any movie which takes place in a factory, especially an abandoned factory turns me off. I do not know why.

I play thunder war on line, and I  like the tank war scenarios.  Except one which takes place in and around a factory.  I hate it.  What I do, to get over with this scenario, is charge in with my tank , taking no precautions, and I know it is because I want to end this scenario and get the battle over with.

I suspect that I do not like the cheap way of making a visual movie.  In an abandoned factory or a movie set constructed  to look like a factory.  So cheap! I watched a movie once about prisoners working in a German factory, and that I did not mind .  But to watch people fighting in an abandoned factory, just turns me off.

what about you?  — hank


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