Do you Copy?

In reply to Mary Jo:

Mary Jo, I need a day or two off from listening to the police scanner. I have been listening to police radio frequencies since 1952 and I find this Volusia County radio system the most inefficient broadcast system I have ever heard. units don’t answer the radio right away. Even Air One needs repeated radio calls to get it on the air, in addition to telephone calls to the hangar. Almost nothing is said once on a volusia channel, but is repeated about 3 times. It becomes annoying and a chore to listen to the radio dispatches and I might expect such a hardship prevails on units in the field. I have suspicions as to why this is so, but for now let me just ask that I take a day or two off from listening. If you live near me, when I have my windows open, as I do during these nice April days, you might hear me shout “For Christ’s Sake, he said he copied you”. You copy? yes I copied. Ok, I copy your copy. thanks for showing an interest – (Abolutely! (an inside joke). hank


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