How do you want your scanner news delivered?

I can make a new post for radio log entries at If you sign up to receive new posts from my web site, each radio log entry will go to you by e mail.

I can post my radio log entries at the same time using hootsuite, and they go to my twitter account and my two face book accounts. Twitter automatically sends my new radio log entries to my web site but it will not send e mail notices to my readers of new radio log entries.

Let me now what you want.  Hank is listening.


2 thoughts on “How do you want your scanner news delivered?

  1. Thanks for responding, Hank. I’m mainly interested in one address in Port Orange. My friend has a condo at 940 Village Trail, which is normally quiet. We were down there this past March and there were troubles with occupants of his building and the police were called. The tenant left a five-year-old kid and a dog alone in the condo and management had to break in. There have also been other disturbances in this same condo. We live up in the Chicago area so your log was just helping us keep track of what’s going on at 940 Village Trail. Mary Jo

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