Free Speech and Strategy

There is a reader, writer , on my social media outlets who often contributes news about my local HOA board and its activities. He appears at this time  to resent that I am not publishing his observations about disturbing financial  statistics about my HOA.

The truth is, that at this time I am asking permission of my HOA board to put a satellite dish on my roof.  I am aware that FCC has declared that HOA boards may not stop unit owners from installing satellite dishes on roofs, but both my reader, I and others have learned that HOA boards some times pursue their own rules,  and do not yield to the law until you take them  to court.

And therefore, at this time I wish not to publish my reader’s negative comments about our HOA.

I hope we  can understand the concept of timely strategy when dealing with HOA boards.

Perhaps we can return to the reader’s request to have his comments published, after the board OKs me putting a satellite dish up on my roof.

sincerely and honestly,  hank springer 830am 4 26 17



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