208 old county rd – mva with reported injury – 740pm 5 8 17 battalian 55

fire radio scanner/fire unit on scene reports heavy left side damage to vehicle – 744pm/reported as hit and run, 745pm/rescue 57 also responding, 746pm/air one requested, may have a trauma alert on scene, 748pm/edgewater, n old county rd.,  air one advised to respond 749pm/ still extracating 2 patients, 750pm/one trauma and 2 patients, one is pediatric, 754pm/now 2 trauma alerts called at scene 756pm/passenger extracated, now working to extracate patient in rear seat, 757pm/758pm, third patient pediatric is not a trauma case/second trauma alert patient is a 14 yr. old, 803pm/ three patients in total/ fractures and arterial bleeding805pm/now reported to be 16 yr old female, air one coming on scene 807pm/ now reported that all 3 patients are pediatrics, 810pm/ report to hospital vehicle vs. tree, 839pm


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