wesh 11 pm tv news about standoff in daytona beach shores 5 22 17

wesh tv reports standoff had begun at 530am 5 22 17. wesh reports that power has just been turned off. I hear now at 1111pm on police radio scanner that gas is again being deployed into  a window of the house.  –hank


2 thoughts on “wesh 11 pm tv news about standoff in daytona beach shores 5 22 17

  1. The police did an amazing job bringing this man out peacefully all day in the heat and into the night in the rain and lightening the negotiated with him and held true to their word with him bringing him out unharmed. Great job to all. God bless you Craig hope you get the help and find the peace you need


    1. I agree Cheryl. I think from what I heard on the police radio scanner, that it was the Port Orange Police Swat Team in charge when the apprehension was made. Was the team leader “Bill”, the Bill Proctor I had known? I must be wrong. I would have thought Bill Proctor would have retired by now. But yes, good job by all throughout the day. Craig, I wish the best to you and am glad you did not hurt yourself or any one else. There is a lot of anxiety, frustration and depression around in the world these days. There are many who pray and hope the Doctors can help you get back on an even keel. sincerely — hank


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