east country circle Port Orange – auto theft – 6 19 17 VCSO

Date: 6/19/2017 Time: 0041   Invest Asgn:   
Header: AUTO THEFT   Location:220 East Country Circle P.O.   Business Name:    ZONE:51  

Deputy Walsh responded to the above address in reference to a stolen vehicle report. Upon arrival contact was made with V-1. V-1 reported he resides with his girlfriend S-2 at the residence. V-1 advised S-1 was at the residence visiting. V-1 said he left with a friend to go to the store leaving S-1 and S-2 at the residence alone. Upon his return he discovered his 2004 Chevrolet 4 door was missing. V-1 contacted S-1 who stated he had taken the vehicle and was not going to give it back; however he would abandon it during the night to be found and recovered. Deputy Walsh then contacted S-1 who confirmed he was in fact in possession the vehicle and would not return it. Deputy Walsh explained to S-1 he was going to be criminally charged for taking the vehicle if he did not return it. S-1 did not care and hung up the phone. Deputy Walsh entered the vehicle as stolen and completed a 707 complaint affidavit, charging S-1 with grand theft auto.



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