It is UNFORTUNATE that an HOA clubhouse never met code requirements.

It is my understanding that in my HOA community there were people who have known for some years that its so called ‘clubhouse’ had never met code requirement of the city of Port Orange.

The city manager of Port Orange advised me by e mail that the original developer of our community had erected the structure but it has lacked the proper code certification by the city of Port Orange, in all these years.

I believe this structure had been erected in about 1978.

About a year and a half ago, our HOA board admitted that the structure lacked the required city of Port Orange permits.

Recently, in two notifications to community residents the Board has printed that it is UNFORTUNATE that a member of this community has complained to the city of Port Orange that the structure is still standing (although not used) (after a year and a half of exposure to the secret) and code enforcement has put the hoa board on notice that if the correction was not remedied “soon”, the structure would have to be demolished.

No wonder we never had a bathroom in the structure when we held monthly board meetings in the so called “clubhouse”.

I would ask, why is it so unfortunate to demand that an HOA board conform to all city requirements.

What is UNFORTUNATE is that a number of our HOA board members and residents since 1978 have not spoken up to have the situation corrected.

And still, from what I gather from notices from my HOA board, the board members feel harassed and put upon, because it is not acting in a timely manner to remedy a  fault that should never had existed for so many years.

You and I need to keep our homes up to code and obey all rules and regulations of our HOA, but somehow this board feels that it should be exempt from a demand to either bring the structure up to legal requirements or demolish it.

Honestly –  hank springer 329pm 6 20 17


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