Demolish or Rebuild in an HOA

From the minutes of my HOA board meeting for May 2017:

…..City of Port Orange Planning and Zoning status update, Architect scope of work presented, cost to date
$550. Next step is to “see” of Architect will present plans (Rehab building Scope) to city…

I understand that a petition will be circulated throughout my community to find out if residents want to demolish their “clubhouse” or bring it up to city code. First plans were to use a contractor to submit plans for rebuilding but a member of the association told the board that it did not know what it was doing, because an architect would be needed to submit building plans to the city of Port Orange. I hope the board has decided to have an architect draw up the plans for submission to the City.

When the petition is circulated in our community I hope the board would include in the petition the estimated cost for demolition and cost for rebuilding up to code.

Since we have lost  financial files  in the past from among the records filed  in the “clubhouse” I would expect that the board is making plans to safeguard HOA records during demolition or rebuilding of the clubhouse.

Sincerely and honestly –  Hank  Springer

6 22 17


2 thoughts on “Demolish or Rebuild in an HOA

  1. I too have in the back of my mind that I had been promised a clubhouse to make use of when I bought into this community in 1994. I bet we might find what hatteras is writing about, in the Florida statues. I am not a lawyer and we will see what the lawyers have to say about this issue.

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  2. In a telephone conversation in the past week with a director on the board, it was disclosed to me that the board was not sending around a petition, but that the ladies club of our association had a petition going to rebuild the so called clubhouse, because the ladies like to hold their meeting in a clubhouse maintained by the HOA. The petition did not come to my residence. — sincerely and honestly, hank springer posted 644pm, 7 7 17


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