Battery Simple – Sunshine Ct/Lee St.-6 22 17

Date: 6/22/2017 Time: 2209   Invest Asgn:
Header: BATTERY SIMPLE   Location:Sunshine Ct/ Lee Street   Business Name:    ZONE:23

Deputies responded to the above location in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, V1 reported walking with V2 and O1 when they were approached by S1. V1 said a verbal altercation ensued when S1 swung a punch at V1. V1 said she blocked the punch and wasn’t hit. V1 said S1 then attempted to attack V2, but V2 was able to evade the attack and threw S1 to the ground. V1, V2 and S1 proceeded to fight on the ground when S2 arrived and attempted to separate them. Each sustained minor scratches and abrasions. According to S1, she was called a vulgar name by O1 and they began arguing. V1 then pushed S1 and grabbed her by the arm. O1 left the area when V1, V2 and S1 began fighting. According to V1, there is a history of verbal and physical incidents between O1 and S1. V1 was adamant about filing charges against both S1 and S2. Deputy Gordon completed the charging affidavit having V1 sign. Deputy Gordon determined no probable cause existed to enact an arrest. The charges were filed with the SAO and DCF was notified.

V1 Burnett, Heather W/F 06-29-1986 436 Fernwood Dr., Deland
V2 Burnett, Jessie W/F 07-08-2003 (JUVENILE) 436 Fernwood Dr., Deland
O1 Shiver, Ashlyn W/F 02-07-1997 (JUVENILE) 405 Lee St., Deland
S1 Brookman, Kayleeana W/F 01-08-1998 481 Lee St., Deland
S2 Brookman, Buffy W/F 02-17-1978 481 Lee St., Deland


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