Never Forget an HOA deceit.

In my HOA minutes of the meeting for 3 11 14 it is written:

…..( A director) mentioned he still wants to work on getting an outdoor bathroom for the shuffle board
area. (The (president) suggested  (the director)  bring a plan to the Board for a vote….

(note that the location suggested is located just outside the HOA clubhouse)

But more was discussed at that meeting which did not appear in the minutes.  The President I think got a little passionate and told Rex not to “open up a can of worms” (The president also went on about how costly it would be) 

The director responded that the (the developer) had said that he (the developer) had gotten a permit.

It is my opinion that this discussion was related and a veil reference at that, to the problem of the clubhouse not having a permit.

Three of the officials on that board live on my block.  The former president has told me that he had known nothing about the clubhouse not being permitted. I would suggest that he lied to me or has selective memory.

Another director who was on that board in 2014, was a director on the board in January 2016 who responded to my request to have a meet and greet event at our clubhouse,(limited to only our HOA members) to meet a candidate for Mayor, and in written form she asked me to sign a 7 page fiduciary statement that in such an event I would be financially responsible if any one got hurt at the event, and that I was responsible to ensure the safety of all our members who might attend. She also verbally presented to me what I considered unreal imaginary potential obstacles to holding the event. 

Let it never be forgotten, that since 1978, a number of our HOA association members, and a number of officials on our HOA board had known and kept secret from the membership that the clubhouse was never legally permitted.

As of 6 28 17 the structure is still standing but the city of Port Orange has put my hoa on notice that the clubhouse has to soon either be demolished or rebuilt up to city codes.

—- Sincerely and Honestly – Hank Springer 6 28 17



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