Victim started a business for some one down on his luck. VCSO 6 27 17 Deltona

Date: 6/27/2017 Time: 1012   Invest Asgn:   
Header: AUTO THEFT   Location:2624 Flowing Well Rd, DEL

V1 reported she took in V1, as he was down on his luck. S1 built a boat dock for V1 and she realized he had some talent. V1 decided to start a business, having S1 build boat docks. V1 bought a Dodge Ram truck, a barge boat, a boat trailer, iPhone, and iWatch. S1 then scheduled a job in Orlando and never completed the job. S1 has failed to return any of the property bought for the business. In addition, S1 used V1’s credit card without permission for the total amount of $4,239. S1 could not be contact and a charging affidavit was filed with the State Attorney’s Office for review.


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