Evicting a family from my HOA – 7 7 17 – by hank springer

113pm  PM posted 7 7 2017 
My own personal observation about this legal move to evict 107 is that it is not clear to me what the honest  basis or reason is to attempt to legally evict a father and son from the residence.
On Nov. 1, 2016, an arbitrator had ruled that the family in 107 was not obligated to pay for HOA legal fees in this issue. I wonder how many of association members know such information.
What I have heard, and correct me if I am wrong, is that the son has asked questions of the board and perhaps not in a nice way. The son has asked for a lot of documents. The  injunction on the son was due to a personal problem between him and a neighbor.  As I understand the issue, the board had never gotten an injunction against the son.
From  my perspective,this legal attempt  has cost association members a lot of money,and more  to come if the board proceeds with legal eviction action of the father and son.
Also, if such a legal case goes to court, I would expect that our community will get some  negative news media coverage, since the father is 89 yrs. old and is a veteran.
I personally don’t see any gain to me and my units if the family is evicted.
I am quite disturbed that a neighbor dispute has been taken up by the board.  Through out many of the board’s activities in this issue I have notice a tendency for the board to pit neighbor against neighbor.
I also see in the issues an attempt to deny the family due process, and the constitutional right to express their thoughts, however negative they may seem.
I also take this legal action as a warning from the board to all association members to be sure that they don’t  ever cross the board or such a faith awaits such members who do not agree with all of the board  actions.
I am not a lawyer.  And maybe that is the problem.
sincerely and honestly –  hank springer

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